How to Prep Your Houseplants for Winter
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How do you prep your houseplants for winter? Winter is coming, and for some of you plant friends, it’s already here! Plant parents tend to fear winter, but as long as you understand the changes your plants are experiencing, it doesn’t need to be nerve-wracking. After living through multiple winters with my plant babies, specifically in small apartments and large homes, I’ve definitely learned a lot through trial and error. In this episode, we will go through as many tips and insights as possible to help set you and your plants up for success through the winter. So, plant friends, let's dive in and learn how winter impacts our plants and some actionable steps to take to ensure their health and happiness!

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In this episode, we learn:

  • [05:28] The effect of light on the growth of plants
  • [06:52] How winter impacts your plants
  • [07:34] Why leaf drop isn’t necessarily bad
  • [07:55] Do some people experience more light in winter?
  • [09:15] What is quiescence and how does it affect plants?
  • [10:09] Are all plants dormant during the winter season?
  • [10:50] Is preemptive pruning really necessary?
  • [11:30] Supplementing high-light plants with grow lights during the winter
  • [13:14] How should you water your plants during winter?
  • [14:29] Which is better? Watering routine or plant care routine?
  • [15:47] Beware of the one-size fits all suggestions on plant care
  • [16:41] Why you shouldn’t assume your plant is dead
  • [18:19] Things to keep in mind with plant shopping during winter
  • [21:30] Where to get seeds for your spring garden
  • [22:52] The best gardening products that are safe for you, for your pets, and for the planet
  • [24:21] How your plants get affected by humidity 
  • [26:03] Using a humidifier in your household
  • [29:03] How to protect your plants from drafty windows during winter
  • [30:40] How to clean your humidifiers
  • [31:46] When can you stop watering your plants?
  • [32:42] How to deal with pest outbreaks during winter
  • [34:21] How can you apply this concept of quiescence to yourself?
  • [37:08] The rule of 10% less in adapting acquiesce in your life

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