Fall Gardening Tips with Joe Lamp'l
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Did you know that fall is secretly one of the most wonderful gardening seasons? As we move into fall and the air starts feeling colder, you might be thinking that gardening season is well over. But good news, plant friends! Fall is an amazing time to extend your growing season and plant a different variety of edible plants. To guide us through this underrated gardening season, Joe Lamp’l of Joe Gardener joins me in a conversation and shares basic knowledge and tips for successful fall gardening.

In this episode, we learn:

  • [01:10] Hello, autumn and new and old plant friends!
  • [02:23] Celebrating Joe Gardener’s new book!
  • [04:50] Making gardening accessible to all levels of gardeners
  • [07:29] What Joe has been up to since his last Bloom and Grow ep
  • [14:27] Why is fall the best season to garden?
  • [16:24] Things to consider when doing a fall garden
  • [18:36] How to plant lettuce seeds
  • [19:29] How to thin seedlings
  • [21:34] When to plant fall crops
  • [22:46] Why do crops taste better after being exposed to frost?
  • [23:21] Joe’s favorite and beginner-friendly crops to plant in fall
  • [25:59] When and how to plant garlic for the best harvest
  • [27:30] How to harvest and use garlic scapes
  • [28:57] Fall vs other gardening seasons
  • [30:46] The best companion for your garden
  • [32:05] Where to get stylish and effective grow lights
  • [34:13] Why fall gardening is an opportunity to mentally reset
  • [37:21] How gardening in fall can help with our mental health
  • [39:19] Why Joe advocates thinking like a plant
  • [42:51] Why intuition is key to growing plants
  • [46:02] Joe shares the process behind the beautiful photos in his new book
  • [48:49] How empowering information can be when growing plants
  • [53:55] Where to get Joe’s latest book ‘The Vegetable Gardening Book’
  • [57:48] Maria’s garden updates

Mentioned in our conversation:

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