Companion Planting Basics with the Garden Managers of The Lodge at Woodloch
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Did you know that plants can also be friends? If you’ve followed me on Instagram this year, you will know about the love affair I am having at The Lodge at Woodloch, a luxury resort and spa, about an hour from where I live. A very interesting aspect of the Lodge at Woodloch is the Blackmore Farm, their regenerative organic farm that grew 9500 lbs of produce for the Lodge’s Restaurant last year! And it is run by only two guys, Sam and Derrick, whom I’ve invited to share their passion for soil biology and sustainable gardening… and to spill all the beans (pun intended) on their companion planting secrets!

In this episode, we learn:

  • [08:09] How The Lodge at Woodloch’s farm developed over the years
  • [12:20] What is the significance and meaning of companion planting?
  • [13:10] The "fruit, root, leaf, aromatic herb, and flower" formula for companion planting
  • [14:05] The relationship between plant taste and companion planting
  • [14:46] Borage, Borage, Borage!
  • [16:46] Where can you get a huge selection of flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits this winter?
  • [18:15] Philosophy behind The Lodge’s motto and how it can be applied to small-scale gardens
  • [26:04] How did Sam and Derrick begin their journey into gardening without formal degrees in agriculture?
  • [28:59] Gardening's growing popularity and valuable lessons from experienced gardeners
  • [30:03] Benefits of using borage as a trap crop in the garden
  • [34:26] Why it’s important to harvest companion plants as they mature
  • [37:01] How companion planting helps you to stay on top of pests and diseases
  • [38:42] When planting potatoes, are you supposed to remove the roots along with the greens of shallow-rooted greens?
  • [39:12] What to do if the roots of the greens and onions become intertwined
  • [39:21] Is it harmful to remove roots from the soil?
  • [42:18] How often does The Lodge use natural pesticides?
  • [45:10] Direct sow or pot-start: which is best for planting established seedlings?
  • [46:43] What should you plant withA annual flowers like zinnias or sunflowers?
  • [49:36] What’s a good companion plant for roses?
  • [52:08] Best way to plant potato leeks
  • [53:43] What does “blanching” mean?
  • [55:26] A few tips for succession planning
  • [59:32] Where can you find Sam and Derrick work on social media?

Mentioned in our conversation:

For Sam and Derrick's fave companion planting combos,

check out the full show notes and blog here!

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