New Mini-Series: Knowledge Nuggets! What is a Peperomia Inflorescence? Ep 1
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Welcome to a new mini-series for Bloom & Grow Radio: Knowledge Nuggets. They will be 5-10 minute episodes that show up once a month, in addition to our regular episodes, and will highlight one "nugget" of plant nerd education taken from the Node of Knowledge Plant Science lectures Leslie Halleck gives in the Garden Society. These lectures are so good, I couldn't help sharing a teeny bit with you!

Episode one is a snippet from our AHAs (Ask Our Horticulturist Anything) where members can hop on a zoom call with Leslie and troubleshoot their plant collections with her.

Do you remember the first time one of your peperomia grew an inflorescence or flower? Have you ever seen one before? I remember the first time when my watermelon peperomia threw off a ton of inflorescence, these weird spikey things popped out of the plant and I had no idea what they were. In the first episode of Knowledge Nuggets, Leslie Halleck is giving you insight into what these spikey things are and more importantly, what we need to know about them when they show up in our collections. Let's get learnin'!

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In this episode we learn:

  • [00:40] What to expect from this episode
  • [03:54] Troubleshooting your plant problems
  • [04:57] What is an inflorescence and why do peperomias have them?
  • [05:27] How to prune peperomia inflorescence
  • [06:06] How to keep variegation in plants / how to grow a fuller, bushier plant
  • [08:05] Where to get personalized plant coaching from a horticulturist

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