Ep 3: The Foundation of Work - Why Business Leaders should Mix Fast with Slow
Play • 17 min

In this episode, we discuss why business leaders should not blindly focus on going, or growing, fast but it is strategically more advantageous to mix fast with slow. You might feel guilty if you are not working or going fast all the time, but that is an illusion. It does not help you and makes your thought process shallow. On the contrary, you should feel guilty if you are only going fast all the time. Only fast is the past. Fast + Slow is the way to go.

For Founders / CEOs / Executives

If you are a founder, CEO or Executive who wants to build your organization on a foundation of Values, Vision and Culture, please join our next live cohort on www.FounderDecelerator.com. You will go through an 8-week program live on Zoom, once a week for 90 mins, along with other founders / CEOs / Executives where I will train you in a regular habit of Contemplation and provide you with a framework to build, or rebuild, your organisation on the foundation of Values, Vision and Culture.

While Contemplation will help you be better connected with yourself, it will also help you discover fresh growth curves for your organization, break out of monotony and re-inspire yourself, maintain your focus on your purpose, inspire your team, not say things impulsively, build thought leadership and be authentic so people can truly connect with what you stand for. If you would like to understand the program in detail, please schedule a meeting with me on www.FounderDecelerator.com or write to me on tarun@adiosworld.com.

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