Dec 29, 2020
Cognitive Gym with Anand Gandhi (4th Anniversary episode)
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This week Audiogyan turns 4. On this anniversary episode, I would like to thank all listeners for tuning in and all the guests who have spent their valuable time & effort for this show.

This episode is brought to you by MUBI, a curated streaming service showing exceptional films from around the globe. Get a whole month free! - at Well, we have 3 films on MUBI made by today's guest. Right here, right now. The continuum and The insignificant man which is exclusive on MUBI.

Yes!!!!!!! We are celebrating this 208th episode with Anand Gandhi. I am super thrilled and excited, and at the same time a bit nervous to have Anand on the show. I am just introducing him for the record in case if this audio is found 100 years later. Actually it's always a challenge to introduce great minds like him - I would simply call him, a philosopher, film maker, explorer, game designer and one of the most important thinkers of our time.


What is cognitive gym that you talk about?

So thats it from Audiogyan this year.

Thanks for listening till the end and have a great new year ahead.

Maed in India
Maed in India
Maed in India
Ladies Special - 1
Welcome to our annual edition of our Ladies Special. It’s our ode to musical madams and this year, we are featuring the newest acts exploding on the indie music scene. On this episode we’ll be talking to 5 incredible acts and 7 incredible women about smashing the patriarchy, telling people you love them, camaraderie, sustainability and producing your EP in your bedroom. And 5 new songs performed live for your listening pleasure. Song List: Queendom - Pussytalk (10:36 - 15:58) Zoe Siddharth - Human (23:27 - 27:07) Pranita Nair Pandurangi - Khwabon Mein (34:26 - 37:57) Krantinaari - Discovery to Destruction (50:45 - 54:19) pb - only human (01:01:09 - 01:03:20) Partners Shure These sessions were recorded using Shure mics and headphones and if you think we sound good, you now know why. When it matters most to you, rely on Shure to deliver an amazing sound performance, whatever stage you’re on. Here is a list of some of the equipment we used that you may consider adding to your shopping bag. :-) * MV7 - Podcast Microphone * SM7B - Studio Microphone * KSM8 - Dualdyne Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone * KSM44A - Large Diaphragm Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone * KSM313/NE - Dual-Voice Ribbon Microphone * SRH440 - Professional Studio Headphones --- Come be our friend: Facebook @maedinindia Instagram @maedinindia Twitter @maedinindia CREDITS: Host: Mae Twitter: @maebemaebe Instagram: @maemariyam Audio Editor Post: Vijay Doiphode Producer: Shaun Fanthome, Husein Haveliwala & Abbas Momin Recorded at Island City Studios
1 hr 4 min
Shunya One
Shunya One
IVM Podcasts
Ep. 118: Ajey Gore Operating Partner - Technology Sequoia Capital, India/Building Companies to IPO and Beyond
On Shunya One Podcast this week, We have Ajey Gore Operating Partner - Technology Sequoia Capital, India/Building Companies to IPO and Beyond, Ajey talks to us about how he has always been uncomfortable, how that's what led him from one thing to another and what his next steps will be. He also talks about how he started his career as a graphics designer, then did screen printing, and then moved on to selling computers, etc. Ajey also speaks to us about how, in 2014 & 2015, there were many software startups coming up in India and what it was like when so many people around knew how to write software but didn't have the skills to take it into production. Shiladitya asks Ajey about his 5 years working with Go-Jek, how that road was full of challenges and hard work, and also discuss the kind of decision-making mechanism they used for privatization, handling so many products with different teams and much more. Ajey Gore on LinkedIn & Twitter: Tweet to hosts @shiladitya & @doshiamit for your questions or reactions to this episode. To join the Shunya One slack channel, request for an invite here: You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: or iOS:, or any other podcast app. You can check out our website at
50 min
The Cārvāka Podcast
The Cārvāka Podcast
Kushal Mehra
Taliban – A Mentality Not An Ethnicity
In this podcast with Abhijit Iyer, we talk about his latest paper on the Taliban that was written post his visit to Afghanistan from March to April 2019. We touch upon their mindset, their worldview, and what could be the potential lessons for India in dealing with the Taliban. Follow Abhijit : @Iyervval Link to the paper: #Taliban #Islamism #Pakistan ------------------------------------------------------------ Listen to the podcasts on: SoundCloud: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Stitcher: ------------------------------------------------------------ Support The Cārvāka Podcast: Become a Member on YouTube: Become a Member on Patreon: To buy The Carvaka Podcast Exclusive Merch please visit: UPI: kushalmehra@icici ------------------------------------------------------------ Follow Kushal: Twitter: Facebook: Koo: @kushal_mehra Instagram: Inquiries: Feedback:
1 hr 12 min
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