Thinking Is Cool
Thinking Is Cool
Jun 14, 2021
The girlboss has left the chat
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These days, which have been more populated with critiques of late-stage capitalism than most, the girlboss is facing a reckoning for one major reason: Instead of reinventing a system that put her down, she learned to play by the rules of her oppressors.

What does that mean for the future of our social and economic frameworks? This week on Thinking Is Cool, we’re going to find out.

What you can expect from this episode of Thinking Is Cool:

  • An exploration of the archetypical girlboss character and how she ascended to such power
  • Context and insight from women who’ve certainly avoided the trappings of girlbossery at a masterful level
  • Some digs at men I’ve worked with before (yolo)
  • The inspiration (I think! And hope!) to reconsider the ways we tend to put each other in boxes, regardless of gender identity

We’ve got some really great insight in this episode thanks to two women who are all boss, no girlboss. Here are the guests in this episode:

  • Molly Maloney is a Senior Associate at PwC consulting on tech and program management. She’s incredibly bright and motivated, and I’m glad we’re now friends.
  • Carolyn Childers is the cofounder and CEO of Chief, a private network designed specifically for women leaders. Despite what you might think of private networks, Carolyn and her business are worth keeping an eye on. I loved speaking with and learning from her.

Season 1 of Thinking Is Cool is brought to you by HMBradley, our exclusive launch sponsor. Deposit accounts are provided by Hatch Bank, Member FDIC. Credit cards are issued by Hatch Bank under a license with MasterCard. This is a paid endorsement.

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