How to Treat Depression by Connecting with a Higher Purpose, Nature, Meaningful Work, Friends and Family
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This winter can be tough if you're struggling with depression. I know the feeling all too well. So in this month's episode, my friend Maleeha Mohsen and I discuss Johann Hari's book “Lost Connections: Why You’re Depressed And How To Find Hope." The author explores seven reasons why people might feel sad or lost​ and how connecting to different aspects of their life may help them find hope again. 
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 Alhumdulillah, I'm excited to announce that Mentally Fit Muslims is now a registered charity! This means MFM can help you in your own personal struggles with mental health and future generations. We are so grateful for all your support through tuning in every month to listen to our podcast episodes.
We are now eligible to receive grants and donations from individuals all across the world who want nothing more than better lives when it comes to healing themselves. It's only through coming together as one can we raise awareness and stamp out stigma related to mental health and mental illness.
 What do we need next?
 Your help! Your contribution will inshaAllah ensure that we can continue to bring fresh content about mental wellness and advocate for those suffering in silence. Your support goes a long way because it helps us sustain this podcast by hiring staff and investing in better equipment to produce quality and well-researched content.
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Do you have a mental health challenge? You're not alone. Millions of Muslims around the world suffer from mental illness, and many don't know where to turn for help. Mentally Fit Muslims are here to change that by providing spiritual support and guidance on how to live with your condition. It offers an alternative perspective on what it means to be mentally ill in Islam, one that's empowering instead of stigmatizing.
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