Girl Interrupter
Girl Interrupter
Mar 11, 2021
Blankey Trauma ft. James Camacho
Play • 13 min

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Music: Papa Smurf (Lick My Ass) - Boys From The Bottom On this week’s episode Comedian, James Camacho and I have a therapy sesh, reflecting upon our experiences as creative and irresponsible children. We discuss the ramifications of “blankey trauma” and how it has impacted our lives, today. Camacho opens up about his mother being a hoarder and its benefits when it comes to maintaining items that have sentimental value. We discuss the complaint of the day: manipulative and unnecessary app notifications (Groupon, Lyft, GrubHub, Postmates), the progression of Camacho’s comedy career, adulting (and senior citizening), fame by association, internal dialects, Kim Kardashian’s ass, NYC comedy, passionate subjects, political (in)correctness, conflicting perspectives, cisgender, gender ambiguity, “sorry” culture, Jewish women, exotic breeds of human, the asian-black genetic advantage, Derek Jeeter, Jewish fetishes, Sarah, finances, income insecurities, and how to figure out if and when you’re going to be terminated from your job. 

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