The Cult Vault
The Cult Vault
Oct 23, 2020
#40 Jehovah's Witnesses - Interview with a Latin American Survivor
1 hr 59 min

In this episode I speak with John, an ex-Jehovah's WItness whose family were some of the first Cuban Witnesses to join the join before his family made the big move over to America.

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Let's Talk About Sects
Let's Talk About Sects
Sarah Steel
The Welcomed Consensus + OneTaste – Part 2
Natasha Tiku wrote for Gawker in 2013, “Everyone is interested in doing fun things with their bodies. But the impulse to systematize, replicate, package, sell, and build an ideology around it is uniquely Silicon Valley.” She was writing about an organisation that was monetising the female orgasm. And they weren’t the only ones doing so.   Guests: Christine Talbott Acosta, Ruwan Meepagala, Sasha Nelson   Full research sources listed on each episode page at You can support the creation of this independent podcast at   With thanks to Audio-Technica, presenting partner for season 4 of Let's Talk About Sects.   If you have been personally affected by involvement in a cult, or would like to support those who have been, you can find support or donate to Cult Information and Family Support if you’re in Australia (via, and you can find resources outside of Australia with the International Cultic Studies Association (via   If you or someone you know is in crisis or needs support right now, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 in Australia, or find your local crisis centre via the International Association for Suicide Prevention website at For sexual assault resources in Australia, visit, and in the USA, visit   Credits: Written and hosted by Sarah Steel Music by Joe Gould Engineered by Andrei Patrushev Edited by Corey Green of Transducer Audio   Links: * The Pleasure Principle — by Patricia Leigh Brown and Carol Pogash, New York Times, 13 March 2009 * Lafayette Morehouse — official website, accessed October 2020 * Lafayette Morehouse, Inc. v. The Chronicle Publishing Co., No. A067522. — 37 Cal. App. 4th 855, 44 Cal. Rptr. 2d 46, California Court of Appeal, First District, Division 5, 9 August 1995 * Sgt. Bilko Meets The New Culture — by Robin Green, Rolling Stone, 9 December 1971 * Inside The Purple People House, The Freaky, Stand-Offish Sex Cult In Northern California — by Anna Lindwasser, Ranker, 7 November 2018 * The Truth about RJ Testerman — Christine...   See for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 16 min
Rachel Bernstein
#Breaking Code Silence w/ Caroline Lorson
Caroline Lorson is a survivor of the troubled teen industry. At the age of 14, she was forcibly removed from her home in Southern California by two transporters and was flown across the country to a lockdown behavior modification school in Upstate New York. Caroline stayed at this facility for 29 months and was stripped of all of her human rights and subjected to coercive thought reform techniques. It took Caroline years to recover from her experience and she now actively works to reform the troubled teen industry through the Breaking Code Silence organization and her podcast, Inside the Program. Breaking Code Silence is a movement organized by a network of survivors and activists to raise awareness of the problems in the Troubled Teen Industry, and the need for reform. Caroline shares with Rachel her experience with the behaviour modification school and provides some context for these types of institutions by sharing some of the history behind how they came to prominence. Before You Go: Rachel offers a message to parents who may be considering boarding schools or even behavior modification schools and explains how to ensure the safety of their children Thanks to our newest Patreon supporters: Ellen Mooney Julie Sespico Kicesie Drew Antonio Amaral Braga Theresa Lyn Widmann Help support the show at You can find out more about Caroline's work and further resources here: Inside the Program Podcast: WWASP Survivors: Breaking Code Silence:
1 hr
Crawlspace Media
38: “ today I’m a wizard, a gutter rat.”
On November 15th, Master (@IncelsCo) started a Twitter thread announcing that FrailPaleStaleMale has been missing for nearly two weeks. No one else has heard from him since then. Losing him is unthinkable. This episode is kind of a tribute to him, with unaired interviews and some of his favorite songs. We touch on the Minassian trial and will continue to follow it each week, and preview next week’s episode about OnlyFans, featuring Master (@incelsco). Special thanks to @bundy_rabbit and @elfaelia for their music supervision. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This week's episode is sponsored by Boston Green Health (@BGreenHealth), New England's most trusted brand for premier CBD products. Visit and get 20% off your next order by using code INCEL20 at checkout! —————————————————————————— INCEL is created and produced by Naama Kates for Crawlspace Media. Original music by Cyrus Melchor. “Zombie” by the Cranberries, courtesy of Universal Music Group. “Another Day Another Struggle” by Notorious B.I.G, courtesy of Universal Music Group.—————————————————————————— If you or someone you know is struggling emotionally, or having a hard time, please call someone, or contact one of the excellent resources provided below. —————————————————————————— Suicide Prevention Lifeline w: t: 1.800.273.8255 —————————————————————————— Light Upon Light (with Parallel Networks) e: t: 1.202.486.8633 —————————————————————————— Please contact Naama at INCEL with any comments, inquiries, or just random thoughts: e: --- Support this podcast:
45 min
Sofa King Podcast
Sofa King Podcast
Sofa King Podcast
Episode 538: Enfield Poltergeist: Fear or Fake?
On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we look into one of the most famous cases of a haunting to come out of the UK, the Enfield Poltergeist. This is the story of a single mother living in government housing trying to support four kids when some very strange things started to happen in their house. One night in 1977, she went upstairs because her kids were freaking out, and she saw the chest of drawers move several times amidst knocking inside the walls. What came next was a series of hauntings that ran for 18 months--or a series of hoaxes if you think the daughters were up to no good! So on the night of August 31, 1977, Peggy Hodgson saw the chest of drawers move and ran next door with all of her kids. The neighbor went to investigate the now empty house and heard bizarre knocking in the walls follow him around. He went back home and called the cops. They investigated, and the officer saw a chair move on its own. She tried to find out how but could see no logical explanation. Since nobody was in danger and there was no crime, the cops left. The family called the local reporters, and that’s where the investigations started. Graham Morris of the Daily Mirror investigated with an eye for skepticism and was convinced something strange was happening in the house. So too were members of the Society for Psychical Research, Maurice Grosse and Guy Lyon Playfair. These three investigators as well as a BBC reporter experienced thousands of unexplained phenomenon, and they even caught the girls faking it a few times. Their ultimate conclusions, however, was that something very strange was happening in this house. What is the story of the girl named Janet levitating in her bedroom? What made grown men think that the gruff voice coming out of the girl’s throat was genuinely not her own? What facts about previous home owner did the children seem to know? What was strange enough to make natural skeptics still believe, even when they saw a few instances of fraud? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit Our Sources: Voice Recordings:
1 hr 24 min
More Banana
108. Thanksgiving Mailbag
Gobble, gobble! To show our thanks for you and all of our fans, we’ve put together a very special mailbag episode. We received so many great emails from you all about tons of topics like an Audrey Kitching-esque drop shipping scam, a guy who stopped going to work but kept getting paid, and even a composer who pretended to be deaf but really wasn’t. Like, what?! Some scammers are truly amazing and admirable. Thanks to our new Patreon patrons, Kevin and Chris. We hope everyone has a delicious, socially-distanced, holiday.  Resources: Yikes - The HRH Collection John C. Beale, the guy who stopped going to work - Recommended Target Leggings -  Shaun King sketchiness - Olive Oil Scam - Deaf Composer Who Isn’t Actually Deaf - Snoop Dogg scam- Go to and search for '𝐒𝐍𝟎𝟎𝐏-𝐃𝟎𝐆𝐆-𝐋𝐈𝐕𝐄-𝟓𝐊'  DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’mon Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
1 hr 3 min
What a Creep
What a Creep
Margo Donohue
What a Creep: Keith Raniere (NXIVM Cult Creep)
What a Creep: Keith Raniere (NXIVM) Season 8, Episode 9 Rapist, Liar, and Cult Creep Keith Raniere made national news in the fall of 2017 when the New York Times exposed the self-help guru as a megalomaniac, a fraud, a user of women, and a person who allowed (if not blatantly enforced) a secret society of women in his NXIVM group to have sex rituals and human branding to show his loyalty to him. He claims to have one of the highest IQs ever recorded, to have been a judo expert at the age of 12. By thirteen, he taught himself three years of college math. That he can cure anyone from crippling things like smoking addiction to Tourette Syndrome. He told women if they had sex with him—they would see a blue light of magic in their heads. He called himself “Vanguard” and created a self-help program called NXIVM which for thousands of dollars—could help men and women be their true selves and achieve enlightenment. His office in Albany, NY had a retreat every year at the end of August called “Vanguard Week” where his most devoted followers from around the world would praise him. Some of his followers included the wealthy & elite from politics, entertainment, and being lucky enough to grow up wealthy with no boundaries on your trust fund. He is also a total fucking creep who scammed people out of their money, dignity, and youth. He is a pedophile and a fucking asshole of the highest order. Trigger Warnings for this episode: scam artists, sexual assault, cults, pedophilia, and shitty human behavior unchecked. Sources: Albany Times Union (2012) Albany Times Union (2012) Albany Times Union (2019) South China Morning News New York Times October 17, 2017 Vice (2020) CNN (2020) Forbes (2003) Vulture (2020) Los Angeles Times (2020) Oxygen Rolling Stone HBO’s “The Vow” Starz “Seduced” “Escaping NXIVM podcast/CBC” The Ringer Bustle Mark Vincente Blog Post Be sure to follow us on social media! But don’t follow us too closely … don’t be a creep about it! * Subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts * Twitter: @CreepPod * Facebook: Join the private group! * Instagram @WhatACreepPodcast * Visit our Patreon page: * Email: * We’ve got merch here! * Our website is * Our logo was created by Claudia Gomez-Rodriguez follow her on Instagram @ClaudInCloud
1 hr 12 min
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