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The Zeal Archives
Apr 16, 2020
Zombor: Dark Sorcery on Zenan Bridge [Book 2, Chapter 3]
Play • 26 min
R66-Y, that is his name… but could he be malfunctioning? If nothing else, their new robot pal is acting very suspicious! T and G have a moral dilemma as to whether they should trust Robo, or journey the wastes of the future alone. Really, what choice do they have if they hope to escape the world of Chrono Trigger? T and G discuss: * The 25+ year old conspiracy that has been brewing in this Super Nintendo gem: how on earth did the Mystics / Fiends manage to secure Zenan Bridge in the first place? Was it… an inside job?! * The nature of Ozzie! Brilliant strategist, fiendish necromancer, or foolish spoiled vinegar… perhaps all of the above? * Zombor: take one part corpses, another part corpses… actually, that’s just a lot of corpses. We talk about how to beat _it_ so _it_ doesn’t beat _you_! ## Where to find us The Zeal Archives is a [Nickscast]( production and can be found wherever fine podcasts are listened to, or at the source at []( For news and other updates about the podcast, you can follow us on [Twitter]( or [Facebook]( @zealarchives For more about the hosts, Nick T and Nick G, check out [the Nickscast]( on [Twitter](, [Facebook](, [Instagram](, or [YouTube](, all @thenickscast. ## Special Announcement: Livestream for the Cure 4 The 4th Annual Livestream for the Cure (or the Livestream 4 the Cure?) has been scheduled for FORTY-EIGHT HOURS from May 28th thru the 31st, with a small four hour kick-off event scheduled for the evening before to do final tests (and hopefully wrangle in some amazing guests). This year we’ll be pushing to raise $10,000 for the Cancer Research Institute, and if all of that gets doubled, we stand a very good chance of raising over $20,000 for cancer research. Hitting last year’s goal on day TWO meant that, unfortunately, donations slowed to a trickle for the entirety of day three, so if we happen to hit our goal before the end this year, we’ll be raising the bar by $1,000 every time we hit it and offering additional prizes for people won donate to these flex goals! As in years past, the event will be LIVE on Twitch, so be sure to head to []( and give us a follow! We’ll be going live with streams and other events where we’ll be mentioning L4TC all the way up until the event begins the evening of May 27th. More details available at []( ## Cast * Nick Green as (Nick) G and himself * Nick Terwoord as (Nick) T, Robo and himself * Nick Zacharewicz as Gaspar ## Credits **Production Credits** Editing, scripting, and podcast visual design by Nick Terwoord. And an extra special thanks to Square Enix for making that game that we love, Chrono Trigger ...and for not suing us. **Music Credits** [04:27] Intro: [Inception]( by [The ARTISANS Beats]( used under [Jamendo’s standard license]( [24:37] Outro: [The Incredible Singing Robot]( by [Star Salzman]( from []( used under [ content policy](\
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