The Green Dream: Ripples Through Time [Book 3, Chapter 3]
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The party has tracked down the latest anomaly, but what happens when they are pinned down in a sandstorm in the middle of the middle ages? And can a small act of kindness bloom in the desert of a multi-millennial feud? T, G, Robo, and Lucca will have to depend on new allies to face off against old foes… or will they? In our world, T and G revisit one of the most eclectic, inspiring, challenging, and surprising sections of the game: the Sunken Desert / Fiona’s sidequest. There’s certainly a lot to cover, but we ‘dig’ into… * Its difficulty! After beating the game probably more than a hundred times collectively, why is it that this section is so much harder than any of the others? * What they remember about this influential moment in the game… and if they managed to save HER * The strangeness of this point in the game! Why is the iconic fireside chat optional, and why is it so easy to miss this sidequest entirely? Whose sidequest is it, anyway?! Editing, scripting, and podcast visual design by [Nick Terwoord]( Special thanks to Square Enix for making that game that we love, Chrono Trigger ...and for not suing us. ## Episode Cast Alphabetically, by actor: * Manda Whitney in the role of Azala and Fiona * Nick G in the role of his fictional self, and discussion host * Nick T in the role of his fictional self, Robo, and discussion host * Patrick "TrickyLove" Moylan in the role of Nizbel III * SMZeldaRules in the role of Lucca Ashtear ## Musical Credits * [00:00] It doesn’t make any sense! - [Inception]( by [The ARTISANS Beats]( used under [Jamendo’s standard license]( * [01:39] A long time ago... [ReMix: Chrono Trigger "The Dark Before the Dawn"]( by [Will Buck]( from []( used under [ content policy]( * [02:56] We’re getting close! [Chrono Symphonic: Frog’s Intervention]( by [ellywu2]( from []( used under [ content policy]( * [04:32] These dust storms have gotten a lot worse... [ReMix: Secret of Mana "Cry from the Forest"]( by [Kassi](, [Mustin]( from []( used under [ content policy]( * [05:40] The last time we visited Zeal... [ReMix: Chrono Trigger "Tears of Contention"]( by [Bladiator](, [The Orichalcon]( from []( used under [ content policy]( * [07:34] Wait, Fiona’s right, isn’t she? [ReMix: Chrono Trigger "Sunrise"]( by [Ivan Hakštok]( from []( used under [ content policy]( * [27:35] Look at all the foliage! [ReMix: Chrono Trigger "Gale of Ages"]( by [BogusRed]( from []( used under [ content policy]( * [29:13] Is that Nizbel?! [ReMix: Chrono Trigger "Coming Darkness"]( by [Chris Bess](, [FFmusic Dj](, [Geoffrey Taucer]( from []( used under [ content policy]( * [31:37] You’ve been acting weirder than normal... [ReMix: Chrono Cross "Who Stole My Stars"]( by [Diggi Dis]( from []( used under [ content policy]( * [33:51] [Race Against Time Promo - ReMix: Chrono Trigger "Punk Hairdo Kid"]( by [HyperDuck SoundWorks]( from []( used under [ content policy]( ## Special Announcement: The Race Against Time The Race Against Time is a twenty-four hour marathon to do two things: raise money for charity, and beat all the endings of the greatest game ever made: Chrono Trigger. On August 14 and 15, 2021, we’re raising money for [Trans Lifeline](—a grassroots hotline and microgrants 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering direct emotional and financial support to trans people in crisis. Join the Nickscast family and friends as we embark on a magical journey to save the world of Chrono Trigger and our own _all_ while giving away fabulous prizes. Learn more at []( or donate at []( ...or follow us on [Twitch](, [Facebook](, or [Instagram]( for more details! ## Special Announcement: Livestream for the Cure > “My name is Nicholas Haskins, and I care deeply about fighting for a world and a future without cancer. Over fifteen years ago I lost a very good friend in his early twenties to a rare form of cancer, and since then I have wanted to do anything I can to raise money and fight against this terrible disease. Since then I've lost other loved ones to cancer, something I am sure anyone reading this can relate to. Cancer affects us all--no matter our race, gender, age, orientation, or what have you. The event began during my time on the Epic Film Guys, a weekly film podcast, as it gave me a platform on which I felt that I could host an event and give something back.” [The 5th Annual Livestream for the Cure]( takes place May 19th - 23rd, 2021 over 50 hours. For more information about the event and for information about partners taking part in it, please follow it on [Facebook](, [Twitter](, and [Instagram]( ## Additional Notes **Why is the Sunken Desert so hard?** * Not obvious how to start * Gaspar says: “In the Middle Ages, a woman's sheer determination brings a forest back to life…” * Either before the Ocean Palace incident, or after, talk to the Zeal plant woman and tell her to plant the plant * In 600 AD, go into the (now, revealed) Sunken Desert—this is not obvious * Fiona’s Villa has been available before this... but the hole in the desert was not * Note: Some detail was left out in the North American version about Fiona being related to the Zeal plant woman… which may obscure the connection further * Which is unfortunate because supposedly the seed from Zeal is the same as Fiona’s seed, is the same as the seed in 2300 AD! Or a descendant at least * Also, the seed has concept art!? * Enemies are so hard! * Hexapod / Vilepillar has an attack that reduces you to 1 hp; resists fire and lightning * Mohavor / Sandrago can inflict Lock as a counter; also resists fire and lightning * Boss: Retinite / Melphyx just the WORST * WHO MADE THIS MONSTER?! More on this next episode (possibly) * In our opinion: toughest boss in the game? Yes. * This is a combination boss: three pieces, attrition / spike damage, and a triggered vulnerability! Retinite is a sort of spot-check to determine if you’re ready to face the challenges of the rest of the game! * Two of Retinite’s attacks are shadow, one is fire: Get your colour-coded plates on (or Ruby Armor / Taban vest) * IMMUNE to all magic damage * If the core is last alive, it will run away, robbing you of XP, TP, and Gold. Also, core damages self to heal a part for 200 HP * ...But water will lower its physical defense. NEED someone to cast water techs * BUT when you attack, attack powers goes up! * BUT once the core is dead, physical defense ratchets up with each attack! HAVE to keep casting water. * Strategy: Have one person heal / water, then take out the top half (which deals more damage). Take out core first, probably. * Just an absolutely NIGHTMARE, honestly. * One shot dungeon: If you miss any of the items, you can’t come back * Some pretty sweet loot, especially if you do this earlier in the game. * From the cave: Lapis, 2x Full Ether, Aeon Suit, Elixir, Full Tonic, 5000 G, HyperEther, Aeon Helm, Memory Cap, MuscleRing * In the shrine (after): The status hats (Vigil Hat, Time Hat, Sight Cap, Memory Cap) + GreenDream * The green dream! Worth calling out (since it’s the episode title) * After all this, you get the Green Dream, an accessory that is a sort of auto-revive (once) for party members * Brings character back at 5 * MAGIC HP * I think this is also used as part of the glitch to use items against enemies and by extension, underflow and kill enemies with elixirs **What do you remember about this sidequest?** * Did you use a walkthrough? Did you see the scene? * Did you save Lara? … because we failed to do so for sure * How is it that such an important moment in the game is hidden so much? **Why do you think they did this sidequest?** * It’s strange: Most side quests wrap-up character development * Marle → Rainbow Shell → Father * Robo → Mother Brain → Atropos (love?) * Frog → Cyrus → Grief * Magus → Ozzie’s Fort → True Allegiances * Fiona is the lynchpin of it, even though it seems to be about Lucca? * Fiona is important enough to have concept art (she looks like a nun without the hat) * Reverse Design makes some good points about this quest game mechanically * Divides the “Tragedy of the Entity” (i.e. linear gameplay where, despite whatever you do, you’ve failed to change anything) and the “Comedy of the Sages” (i.e. thanks to the vision of the future from Gaspar and Belthasar’s time machine, you can actually change time and do things non-linearly) * Can be encountered way before other sidequests; like, even before the fall of Zeal! * Gateway to other sidequests * The fireplace scene is … pretty out of place, seemingly * It takes places in an area you never visit again, and can’t access * The first, and only occurrence of a mysterious red gate * One of two places where ‘the entity’ is mentioned. Where’s the other? In one of the endings! * It looks like the part with Lara / Lucca was always planned, even with the pre-release * This is also weird because there’s no dialogue in the game that even really talks about Lara; even the pre-release only sorts of hints at her disability and the guilt Taban may have: * From the pre-release, 990 AD was to be reached from the end of time * Old Man: That gate over there shouldn't be entered…… Especially by kids like you…… * Lucca: Where in the world does this gate go? * Old Man: I told you. You shouldn't enter…… The best option isn't always limited to changing the past. Rather than regretting the past, you should hold your current self dear. * ...And in the pre-release, there was no text option to save Lucca’s mother. Only this: * Lucca: Th, this is… 10 years ago…… back when I didn't know anything about mechanics…… * Lara: Somebody stop it--!! * Taban: Lucca!! Put in the passcode 366 and pull the lever!! * Note that you sure as heck can’t enter 366 on a controller * Robo: Oh, by the way, here’s this thing I made out of Amber. ## What is the Zeal Archives? The Zeal Archives is a monthly podcast exploring the A-Z of the world of Chrono Trigger one bit at a time—two parts audio drama, one part discussion podcast, one hundred percent love letter to one of the best JRPGs of all time! The Zeal Archives is published at []( and []( and can be found on most podcatching services. Please leave us comments, questions, criticism, or any other feedback at TheNickscast on [Facebook]( or [Twitter](
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