THE BIG RESET—Marketing & Business Edition
Scott Harkey
Welcome to The Big Reset - Marketing & Business edition, a bold, new, weekly podcast that takes a deep, authentic look into the lives of diverse entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, industry leaders, CMOs, artists, and others who have succeeded, failed, overcome incredible hardships, and devoted their lives to helping others. The Big Reset centers around human truth. Host Scott Harkey is a successful entrepreneur whose own life journey took many twists and turns. In each episode, he and his guests have real, often difficult conversations to uncover valuable insights. They provide inspiration, memorable life lessons, and fresh points of view.  This show explores the personal and professional growth of each guest. It shines a light on how brands must be authentic to tap into their customers' souls to build long-lasting relationships. Episodes highlight the changing landscape in marketing and consumer behavior trends. They also reveal the importance of the human element when connecting to audiences.  Scott serves as president and CEO of OH Partners, an Inc. 500 company recognized as one of the fastest-growing advertising and digital marketing agencies in the country. He also serves as CEO of OH Holdings, which consists of many specialized marketing firms. These research, film, social media, and digital geared companies serve today’s brand marketers’ biggest challenges. Scott and OH work with national brands like The Walt Disney Company, Virgin Hotels, Wynn Resorts, Pepsi, National Geographic, and Armor All, Anheuser-Busch.  Much of Scott's life involved “head trash” – a struggle familiar to many. As a tactile learner, Scott didn't do well in classroom settings. Instead, he dropped out of college to pursue his passion for marketing. In 2008, his entrepreneurial spirit and competitive nature helped him found and grow an agency. But all that “head trash” led to unhealthy habits and poor decisions. In 2017, Scott had a life-altering experience that was so powerful that he wrote a new book, “The Big Reset.”  Find the courage to be authentic in a marketing landscape where exaggerated promises from various software and tools muddle the water. Prepare for the future and create effective content. Learn how to identify and deal with the information and data you receive. Together, we'll sift through all the information to successfully build your personal brand. Gain valuable insights, advice, and key takeaways that you can put in place during any marketing dilemma. With the marketing industry heading for big shifts, it's time to align yourself with the true leaders in the industry. Tune into Playing with Fire no matter where you are in your life. Then, let us know how each guest’s story has inspired you to find the courage to be true to yourself. Follow Scott at Linkedin: Twitter: Instagram: .
THE BIG RESET—Marketing & Business Edition
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