Why You Need To Have More Women In Your Sales Team With Fred Diamond, Creator Of The IES Women In Sales Program [Episode 69]
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It is often said that women are better than men when it comes to selling, so why don’t we have more women in our sales teams? And even if they’re there, why do men dominate meetings and conversations? These questions were on Fred Diamond’s mind when he started to create the Women in Sales program. Fred is the Cofounder of the IES Women in Sales program, whose mission is to help employers attract, retain, motivate, and elevate top tier sales talent. In this conversation, Fred shares his thoughts on how women can be empowered to take more roles in sales and how having a community like the IES Women in Sales program can help. They also discuss the qualities that both women and men in sales need to have in order to navigate a more customer-centric sales environment. They also tackle how sales employers can attract, retain, and grow female sales talent in the rapidly changing world of sales. Tune in for some great insights!


In this episode, you will learn:

Ø Why women continue to be underrepresented in sales careers despite observations that they are better at selling than men.

Ø How having a supportive community helps encourage more women to take up careers in sales.

Ø What sales employers need to do to attract, retain and grow female sales talent in their companies.

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