Act And Think Like A CEO With Orrin Klopper [Episode 131]
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Today's guest is a testament to how you can be a great CEO and father to your family. Orrin Klopper, the CEO of Netsurit, shares some of their top strategies that make their company different from others. He also delves into acting and thinking like a CEO and how they're expecting somebody selling to them to act. By providing his insights into navigating their business, this episode will guide you in positioning yourself better to build strong relationships with CEOs. There are so many things you can unpack from this episode. So, tune in to this episode to borrow some brilliance from Orrin Klopper and learn how to act and think like a CEO.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How do you use Blue Ocean's strategy for growth in your sales business as a CEO?
  • How a CEO thinks and acts, and how they expect somebody selling to them to act.
  • How a CEO runs the company and how we should run our sales businesses, sales practice, mergers and acquisitions, and things they do within the IT space. 
  • How can you position yourself better to have relationships with CEOs of major companies like Netsurit?

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