The Alzheimer’s Solution Revolution Podcast
Ralph Sanchez
How much thought have you given to what your later years will be like? Will your 60s, 70s, and 80s be joyful and filled with the activities you most desire to have in your life at that time? Well, if you are like me, you have long wanted to live younger, longer. I knew at a younger age that I had much I wanted to accomplish before my time was up, and that it would not get done unless I made it to a ripe old age and in good mental and physical health. Fortunately, I was guided into the health and wellness profession in my late 30s and soon enrolled int a University of Chinese Medicine and developed an expertise in Functional Medicine. The functional and integrative medicine approaches to my own and my patient’s care has served us well.It has supported my mission to be of service and realize my ambitions for getting a few dreams fulfilled. Hopefully many! Indeed, this has been a 30+ year journey that includes a very dedicated understanding of the risk factors associated with dementia in agin...
The Alzheimer’s Solution Revolution Podcast
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