How I Turned The Corner
Kendra Prospero
Many founders and entrepreneurs start their business because they have an itch to solve a problem but they reach a point along the way where they realize they can’t do it on their own. They have to hire and now they’re a manager. Now they are truly leading and this is where most businesses fail unless they turn the corner. Every leader goes through a place where they hit this humbling moment. Join us on How I Turned The Corner and hear stories from seasoned founders who experience this.   For over a decade, Kendra's career has been all about creating healthier and more rewarding work environments. She has served hundreds of clients in revamping their corporate cultures, revitalizing their recruiting and helping them retain their people.   Kendra is your guide in disrupting the market and impacting the lives of many without jeopardizing the satisfaction of your employees. She brings to the podcast her most powerful frameworks for earning high profits and building a well-rounded team. If you feel out of touch with your people and fail to understand their challenges, Kendra is here to help change your perspective.   Kendra leads with the most difficult conversation, the one business leaders often try to avoid: the right way to scale your workplace culture. She sits down with founders and owners who share how they grew their teams from a small group of talented individuals. They also open up about the obstacles they had to overcome as entrepreneurs. Listen as they discuss valuable lessons on how to avoid getting lost in the whirlwind of raising capital and launching top-notch products. Find out how to place more attention on recruiting employees, provide them with proper training, and make sure that they engage with their work.   The future of your business depends on your employees. Now is the time to hear them out and give them that much-needed love. When they are happy, they can give their best every single day.   Listen to Kendra's eye-opening episodes of How I Turned The Corner at .
How I Turned The Corner
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