AI for Creativity
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Can AI be creative? If you believe the hype, AI will one day automate even the most creative jobs in advertising, fashion design, art, music and literature. But will it? To find out, host Jessica Chobot turns to Botnik Studios and its AI software to write a sitcom script—with an ocean of sitcoms from the 1980s and 90s providing the universe from which predictive text will draw inspiration. And then she delivers these bot-generated lines in front of a live audience. Will she get laughs, or will she need to be saved by a laugh track?

Find out in the “AI for Creativity” episode of AI: Hype vs. Reality. But first, hear from AI-augmented artist Harshit Agrawal, Machine Learning Musician Pierre Barreau, and Taryn Southern – a real human but an AI pop-artist. They'll discuss the myths and realities behind what creativity really can be, what the limits of our imagination and AI’s capabilities are, and wonder just how long it will be before AI does most of the work in the studio, in the writers’ room, or on a canvas— if ever.

Can math be art? Can machines be creative? Find out in this episode of AI: Hype vs. Reality, an original podcast from Dell Technologies. And head to our YouTube channel to watch Jessica perform an AI-generated sitcom in front of a live audience.

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