Rewiring Your Life
Rewiring Your Life
Mar 16, 2022
Rewiring Your Smoking
When we talk about addiction on this show, it's often around drugs and alcohol. But today we're focusing on nicotine and smoking. And more specifically, the vaping craze.

Ike Sutton is the CEO and founder of VapeAway. Founded on a mission to help his son overcome his vaping addiction, Sutton designed VapeAway to eliminate vaping dependency through the use of patented technology and a variety of support initiatives. VapeAway’s Filter technology reduces potentially harmful toxins being ingested while vaping, with minimal impact on the quality of the vaping experience. 

By creating a deeper understanding of the detrimental impacts vaping has on both users and everyone around them, VapeAway plays a vital role in efforts to reduce vaping dependency and minimize the effects of vaping.
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