No One Told Me
No One Told Me
Jan 13, 2020
…The Art Of Setting Boundaries
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I like the word yes way more than I like the word no. Saying no makes my stomach turn and my mind jumps about 10 steps ahead, ending in believing whoever I've just said no to has ex-communicated me from their lives as a whole. The word "boundary" sounds so final, doesn't it? It sounds like a punishment. But I'm getting older - and while the retinol is doing its best to delay those effects physically - I'm comfortable with the effects of it emotionally and mentally. Age has given me perspective. So, as we get into the heart of January, I'm less about the specific and more about the whole. Less about building my life around a specific number and more about learning what builds my life. That's where this conversation with registered Marriage and Family Counselor, Connie Crossley, really comes into play. Boundaries are less about saying no to someone or something, and more about finding where I end and the other person, thing, situation begins. How do you create these boundaries? Better yet, how do you maintain them? How do you know if the relationship or situation needs a boundary set? This episode covers a lot. But it's all things I wish I'd known sooner. Here's No One Told Me The Art Of Setting Boundaries.

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