314 David Naylor - Age Group Story
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David Naylor is an age grouper, and CTO of a data science company. As a relative beginner to triathlon who’d only completed one sprint distance race, he was inspired by some friends who had completed Ironman UK and promptly signed up himself - despite not being able to swim front crawl! David talks with honesty about overcoming a period of poor mental health, and how regular exercise helps him stay mentally, as well as physically, healthy.


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The Greg Bennett Show
The Greg Bennett Show
Greg Bennett
Ryan Bolton - Olympian - Ironman and Marathon Champion Coach
Ryan Bolton is a former professional Triathlete and Olympian and now one of the world’s greatest endurance coaches.With a successful college running career, he made the move to Triathlon and represented the USA at the 2000 Sydney, Olympic Games, and post-Olympics had great success in the world of Ironman.Combined with his studies in exercise physiology, and master’s in human nutrition, with an emphasis on stress metabolism, He has the perfect background for top-level coaching.He’s coaching some of the world's greatest endurance athletes including Ironman Ben Hoffman who I had on the show a couple of months back, Boston Marathon champion Caroline Rotich, and young up-and-coming Triathlon star Sam Long.He’s the founder and head coach at Bolton Endurance and the director of the Harambee (pronounced huh-RAHM-bay) project – which is a group of elite distance runners in Sante Fe, New Mexico. And is also working with USA Triathlon as a technical advisor.One of the great talents of the world of Triathlon.In this episode, Ryan discusses his journey into the world of Triathlon, some of his regrets as an athlete, and his transition from athlete to coaching. He shares how he works with each of his incredible athletes, getting them ready for their respective goals. He describes the incredible joy he receives when his athletes achieve and how that joy is far superior to his own moments of success... including the Olympic Games experience.Ryan is fully invested with each of his athletes and is doing everything he possibly can to make them the greatest.
1 hr 41 min
That Triathlon Show
That Triathlon Show
Mikael Eriksson
Q&A #122 - Metrics to track (and not to track) for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes; The Power Duration Curve and WKO
Q&A #122 - Metrics to track (and not to track) for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes; The Power Duration Curve and WKO * What metrics should triathletes of different levels (and different levels of training/coaching and technical literacy) be tracking? * The danger of trying to track too many metrics, and tracking irrelevant metrics * What is the Power Duration Curve, who would benefit from using it, and how?  * Is it worth it to buy WKO for training analysis purposes for self-coached athletes?    LINKS AND RESOURCES: * Scientific Triathlon website * Coaching * Training Plans * Q&A episode archive * Apply for the Scientific Triathlon Training Camp Mallorca 2021 * Q&A #30 - Training reviews for the self-coached athlete and critical power / metabolic profiling tests * Beginner Tip 29 - Metrics you should be tracking   SPONSORS: Precision Hydration - One-size doesn't fit all when it comes to hydration. Take Precision Hydration's FREE sweat test and learn how you should hydrate. Use the discount code THATTRIATHLONSHOW15 to get 15% off your order OR use the code THATTRIATHLONSHOW and get your first box for free.   ROKA - The finest triathlon wetsuits, apparel, equipment, and eyewear on the planet. Trusted by Javier Gómez, Gwen Jorgensen, Flora Duffy, Mario Mola, Lucy Charles and others. Visit roka.com/tts for 20% off your order.   RATE AND REVIEW: If you enjoy the show, please help me out by subscribing, rating and reviewing.    CONTACT: Want to send feedback, questions or just chat? Email me at mikael@scientifictriathlon.com or connect on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
42 min
Purple Patch Podcast
Purple Patch Podcast
Matt Dixon
151 What You Need to Know about Training and Nutrition: A Speed Round with Alex Hutchinson - Part 1
The premise of the Purple Patch podcast is all about performance and helping you enhance your performance journey to become the best that you can be in sport and in life. As the performance engines rev up in 2021, it is more vital than ever to educate and empower all human beings to reach their athletic potential because, through the lens of athletic potential, you reach your human potential. For the next two weeks, Matt features a little expert “speed dating” with Alex Hutchinson who is a leading researcher on everything cutting-edge in the world of performance. Hutchinson is a science journalist who writes about fitness, health, and endurance sports for Outside magazine in his Sweat Science columns. His most recent book is the New York Times bestseller Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a post-doctoral physicist for the U.S. National Security Agency, and competed for the Canadian national team in track, cross-country, and mountain running. In today’s quick-hit series of discussions, Matt and Alex dig into the first two Purple Patch Pillars of Performance: Training and Nutrition. What are their thoughts and what does the research show about things like: * The Coach-Athlete Relationship * Heart Rate Variability * Power Meters for Running * Training Mistakes of Aging Athletes * Cross-Training and HIIT Training * Diet Trends * Ice baths * Gut Health * Hydration …And this is all just in Part One of the conversations with performance expert, researcher, author and athlete, Alex Hutchinson. Get out your pads and pencils and prepare to take notes on this immersive diver in performance education. Episode and Purple Patch Resources Alex Hutchinson Outside Magazine Join the Purple Patch Performance Academy Email info@purplepatchfitness.com with questions about team training and strength programming. Purple Patch Podcast Page Subscribe to the Purple Patch Podcast: Apple Podcasts Spotify Amazon Music
1 hr 3 min
Ask a Cycling Coach - TrainerRoad Podcast
Ask a Cycling Coach - TrainerRoad Podcast
Artificial Sweeteners, DIY Race Tips, Nutrient Timing and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 294
How do artificial sweeteners fuel training, and are they good for athletes, tips for DIY races and match racing strategy, a deep dive on nutrient timing and how it affects training and much more in Episode 294 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast! Find mentioned studies and products from this episode: https://www.TrainerRoad.com/forum ------------------------------------------------------------------ ABOUT TRAINERROAD — CYCLING’S MOST EFFECTIVE TRAINING SYSTEM TrainerRoad makes cyclists faster. Athletes get structured indoor workouts, science-backed training plans, and easy-to-use performance analysis tools to reach their goals. Build Your Custom Plan: https://bit.ly/33cAtM1 Train Together with Group Workouts: https://bit.ly/3i7niAd Get Started: https://bit.ly/3mZTetS ------------------------------------------------------------------ TOPICS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE • DIY Race Tips • Tactics for Match Races and small breakaways • Equipment choices that make you faster • How to give and receive criticism as an athlete • How to breathe more effectively • Does burping lower your heart rate? • Is it better to train on climbs or flats? • How to train if you have no races on your calendar • Ramp tests without a smart trainer • The hosts favorite workouts and strength training exercises • Training while pregnant • Should athletes use artificial sweeteners? • Nutrient timing for athletes ------------------------------------------------------------------ SUCCESSFUL ATHLETES PODCAST • iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/successful-athletes-podcast-presented-by-trainerroad/id1516326667 • Google Podcasts: https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9zdWNjZXNzZnVsYXRobGV0ZXMubGlic3luLmNvbS9yc3M?hl=en • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrKJ0zeMQrI4ViIjWs8xnCiBCYoay5U0B ------------------------------------------------------------------ RESOURCES AND STUDIES REFERENCED IN THIS EPISODE - Successful Athletes Podcast: www.TrainerRoad.com/SAP - TrainerRoad Blog Mailing List: https://bit.ly/3oPmRyr - https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/07/opinion/nike-running-mary-cain.html - https://www.netflix.com/title/81130094 - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2277000/pdf/tjp0584-1019.pdf - https://www.researchgate.net/publication/51038881_Effects_of_low_and_high_cadence_interval_training_on_power_output_in_flat_and_uphill_cycling_time-trials - https://www.trainerroad.com/app/cycling/workouts/245443-williamson-4 - https://youtu.be/saYKvqSscuY - https://www.trainerroad.com/app/cycling/workouts/453830-taylor-2 - https://www.trainerroad.com/app/cycling/workouts/3172-kern - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJztTcxHgm4 - https://www.trainerroad.com/app/cycling/workouts/1253-ebbetts - https://www.trainerroad.com/app/cycling/workouts/21542-pettit - https://www.trainerroad.com/blog/balancing-motherhood-with-work-and-professional-mountain-bike-racing/ - https://www.researchgate.net/publication/341435045_Can_taste_be_ergogenic - https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/17461391.2014.971880 - https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S105381190701004X - https://www.researchgate.net/publication/14134082_Carbohydrate-Electrolyte_Feedings_Improve_1_h_Time_Trial_Cycling_Performance - https://journals.physiology.org/doi/full/10.1152/jappl.2000.89.5.1690 - https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15354036/ - https://journals.lww.com/acsm-msse/Fulltext/2004/12000/The_Effect_of_Carbohydrate_Mouth_Rinse_on_1_h.17.aspx - https://www.mdpi.com/2072-6643/6/1/1 - https://www.researchgate.net/publication/12203655_Prolonged_effects_of_modified_sham_feeding_on_energy_substrate_mobilization - https://www.nature.com/articles/s41430-018-0170-6 - https://www.researchgate.net/publication/323317547_Carbohydrate_Mouth_Rinse_Improves_Cycling_Time-Trial_Performance_without_Altering_Plasma_Insulin_Concentration ------------------------------------------------------------------ STAY IN TOUCH Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrainerRd Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trainerroad/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrainerRoad Strava Club: https://www.strava.com/clubs/trainerroad
2 hr 6 min
The Physical Performance Show
The Physical Performance Show
Brad Beer
253: Expert Edition: Dr Dan Robinson, ENT Surgeon: ‘Navigating nasal obstruction’
On this episode, I share with you a conversation I recently had with Gold Coast based ear nose and throat surgeon Dr Dan Robinson on all things navigating nasal obstruction. One in three people experience nasal obstruction. Listen in as Dr Dan Robinson shares around the different types of nasal obstruction, how nasal obstruction presents in both children and fully grown adults, the different types of obstructive sleep apnea; central and peripheral and how each of those presents, the physiology of breathing and why when we exercise most of it occurs through the mouth yet that's reversed when we sleep with the bulk of breathing happening through our nose. Dr Dan shares around nasal anatomy including the nasal valve and why it is so important and importantly how to treat nasal obstruction and the treatment pathway or sieve as Dr Dan Robinson refers to it as that exists all the way from nasal spray through to devices through to surgical procedures. Join the The Physical Performance Show LEARNINGS membership through weekly podcasts | Patreon If you enjoyed this episode of The Physical Performance Show please hit SUBSCRIBE for to ensure you are one of the first to future episodes. Jump over to POGO Physio - www.pogophysio.com.au for more details Follow @Brad_Beer Instagram & Twitter The Physical Performance Show: Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter (@tppshow1) Please direct any questions, comments, and feedback to the above social media handles.
56 min
The Extramilest Podcast
The Extramilest Podcast
Floris Gierman
#44: Lessons From 60+ Years of Running with Walter Liniger
Walter Liniger, 69 years young is a strong runner from Switzerland. He ran his first race at age 7, his marathon PR was set at 2:38 in 1988 in Basel. For many years he trained mostly at a high intensity, often out of the door and … full throttle. In his late sixties he wanted to find a different approach to training and racing. He discovered the approach of MAF training. His goals changed now not to chase the fastest times but to finish a race in healthy conditions and enjoying the journey. About a year and a half ago Walter joined the Marathon PR Program to get practical information, advice and guidance with a holistic approach to training and racing. It has been exciting to follow Walter's running journey on his Strava. He is a big inspiration to me and many others in our program. Recently he ran his first Ultra of 100km at the age of 68. We discuss his running journey and things he has learned along the way. If you’d like to find out more about our running coaching programs, check extramilest.com/training. Hope you enjoy this conversation with Walter! Watch this full interview on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/oJVYTfqNaXk --- YOU CAN FIND WALTER LINIGER ON STRAVA: https://www.strava.com/athletes/14888370 YOU CAN FIND ME, FLORIS GIERMAN HERE: * Marathon PR Training Course: https://extramilest.com/marathon/ * 5K to Half Marathon Program: https://5ktohalfmarathon.com/program * YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/FlorisGierman * Strava - https://www.strava.com/athletes/1329785 * My website - https://extramilest.com * Podcast - https://extramilest.com/podcast/ * Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/florisgierman
1 hr 17 min
Successful Athletes Podcast - Presented by TrainerRoad
Successful Athletes Podcast - Presented by TrainerRoad
+4.0w/kg with World Championship Competitor Jessica Kuepfer – Successful Athletes Podcast 35
Jessica Kuepfer is an accomplished multisport athlete that has used TrainerRoad to get faster for everything from criteriums to IRONMAN and Adventure Racing. Find out how Jessica trains for each of these disciplines, how she balances the training with her demanding career as a Communications Director for a national corporation, and what she does to improve in this episode of the Successful Athletes Podcast. * Continue the discussion on the TrainerRoad Forum: https://www.TrainerRoad.com/forum * Be a guest on the Successful Athletes Podcast: https://bit.ly/3ndvWjT ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT TRAINERROAD — CYCLING’S MOST EFFECTIVE TRAINING SYSTEM TrainerRoad makes cyclists faster. Athletes get structured indoor workouts, science-backed training plans, and easy-to-use performance analysis tools to reach their goals * Build Your Custom Plan: https://bit.ly/3py8Yob * Train Together with Group Workouts: https://bit.ly/3aRSOlB * Get Started: https://bit.ly/34OL1RD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATHLETE INTERVIEWS THAT MAKE YOU FASTER The Successful Athletes Podcast dissects the preparation and execution of outstanding performances by TrainerRoad athletes. From world record performances to personal records and life changing health improvements, get an inside look at what it takes to get faster. * Subscribe to the Successful Athletes Podcast on iTunes: https://apple.co/2X0KEj2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOPICS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: * Jessica’s work and training schedule • How Jessica got started with endurance sports • How she balances bike, run and swim training • What Jessica has learned from each discipline of endurance sports • How adventure racing makes Jessica a better triathlete • How Jessica used TrainerRoad to raise her FTP by over 60 watts • What Jessica isn’t good at in the training process and how she is improving • What nutrition principles does Jessica follow • How Jessica improves her recovery • What Jessica has learned about making the sport more inclusive • What are Jessica’s proudest accomplishments ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW TRAINERROAD * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrainerRd * Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trainerroad/ * Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrainerRoad • Strava Club: https://www.strava.com/clubs/trainerroad
51 min
TrainRight Podcast
TrainRight Podcast
Levi Younger: A Holistic Approach to Injury Recovery
*About This Episode:* In this week’s episode, Hillary Allen interviews Levi Younger,  Rolfer and Somatic Therapist. Levi and Hillary discuss the practice of Rolfing, treating Hillary after a textbook healed injury, components of injury recovery, covering the emotional process of recovering from injury and treating the body as a more holistic system. *Episode Highlights:* * Combining Somatic Therapy, Clinical Counseling, and Coaching  * Injury recovery is more than just the physical injury healing * How injuries take a mental toll * You are not a machine, treating your body as one  *Guest Bio – Levi Younger:* Levi comes to running with a background from college track and running 50K and mountain races after college in his home state of Alaska. In 2015, Levi broke his thoracic vertebrae playing men's league hockey leaving him feeling debilitated. After trying so many different methods to help his pain he found Rolfing. Rolfing changed so much for Levi he opened his own practice in Boulder, Colorado in 2017. He has since been able to help athletes suffering from a wide array of pain and injury issues. Levi is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling at Oregon State University to open a practice that combines Somatic therapy, clinical counseling, and coaching to help people heal from injuries and chronic pain who’ve tried varying treatment options. Rolfing is a proactive manual therapy system created by Dr. Ida Rolf as a diagnostic assessment for the body, utilizing physical touch and neuroscience principles. Instead of chasing symptoms, Rolfing alters the deeper sources of chronic injury and pain. Rolfing is not a massage technique and not another form of deep tissue massage or a way to stretch the fascia.  Rolfing is a comprehensive diagnostic system that views the body in a structural sense and is not painful.    *Read More About Levi Younger or his Clinic Levity Rolfing:* *Website: Clinic **https://www.levityrolfing.com/* *Instagram:* https://www.instagram.com/levityrolfing/ *Facebook:* https://www.facebook.com/LevityRolfing   *Listen to the episode on **Apple Podcasts**, **Spotify**, **Stitcher**, **Google Podcasts**, or on your favorite podcast platform*
55 min
Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast
Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast
Crushing Iron
#445 – Finding Your Groove
What puts our mind and body in a groove? Today we explore our own recent experiences with finding the zone. We look at the challenges of holding back. The goal of simply feeling good and how that seems to take care of the rest. The challenges of replacing bad habits with good ones and the easiest way to do it. We look at finding daily wins, beating short term cravings, and getting rid of forced expectations. Don't forget to check out the C26 Club Program. We lay out your entire year for only $349. Today's Topics: * Ups and downs of training * How does it click? * How the podcast is like training * Geting in a Zone * Turning Inward first * What feeling in shape means * Being in the Zone, but only 1 and 2 * Without a race on the calendar * Swinging at piñatas * Getting the ball rolling * When nothing can stop you * Feeling Good is the Goal * Appropriately challenging * Finding the easiest win today * Laughter as medicine * Mike and Robbie’s allegiance to sports . . . * Moving goal posts * We are what we expose ourselves to * Embrace YOUR TRUTH * It’s okay not to race * Don’t be someone else’s training plan * Forced expectations * The subtle creep of good habits * Drinking water instead of eating sugar --------------- * Registration is now open for the C26 Club Training Program. Take the worry and stress out of your 2021 season planning, recovering, taper, etc. For more information, please visit www.C26Triathlon.com/the-c26-club * Looking for a swim analysis, personalized zones for training, and an awesome experience? Check out our New C26 Hub Training Center in Chattanooga. * C26 Gear is now available (for a limited time) at www.c26triathlon.com/c26-store A great way to support the podcast! * Looking for an awesome coach? Former Professional triathlete, Jessica Jacobs is now coaching for C26 Triathlon. Check out her bio and contact information at our Coaching Page on C26Triathlon.com Big Shout out to podcast listener and Wordpress designer Bobby Hughes for helping get the new c26triathlon.com off the ground. If you like what you see and may need a website, check out Bobby’s work at https://hughesdesign.co/ You can also slide by www.crushingiron.com which is now the official blog page for the podcast. Community and coaching information are at www.c26triathlon.com Our 2020 C26 Camps are sold out (other than swim camp) Find out more on our Camps Page. If you'd like to support the Crushing Iron Podcast, hit up our Pledge Page and help us keep this podcast on the rails. Thanks in advance! Are you thinking about raising your game or getting started in triathlon with a coach? Check out our Crushing Iron Coaching Philosophy Video Please subscribe and rate Crushing Iron on YouTube and iTunes. For information on the C26 Coach’s Eye custom swim analysis, coaching, or training camps email: C26Coach@gmail.com Facebook: CrushingIron YouTube: Crushing Iron Twitter: CrushingIron Instagram: C26_Triathlon www.c26triathlon.com Mike Tarrolly - crushingiron@gmail.com Robbie Bruce - c26coach@gmail.com
56 min
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