Dr. Benjamin W. Nero, DMD (Ep. 27, 2018)
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Producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. begins a conversation with Dr. Benjamin W. Nero, DMD, author of That’s The Way It Was: A Memoir.  Dr. Nero discusses his ground-breaking academic and professional career, and how community and family shaped the man he became.

Black History Year
Black History Year
Limina House, PushBlack
The African Foundations of Civilization with Dr. Runoko Rashidi
In this episode, our story begins in Nubia and the Nile Valley, the Kingdom of Kongo, the Mali Empire, and the Great Zimbabwe. Dr. Runoko Rashidi reveals how the origins of Black people lie in great, ancient African civilizations and how our hidden history spans the globe. BHY is produced by PushBlack, the nation's largest non-profit Black media company - hit us up at BlackHistoryYear.com and share this with your people! PushBlack exists because we saw we had to take this into our own hands. _You_ make PushBlack happen with your contributions at Black History Year dot com. Most people do 5 or 10 bucks a month, but everything makes a difference. Thanks for supporting the work. The Black History Year production team includes Tareq Alani, Patrick Sanders, William Anderson, Jareyah Bradley, Brooke Brown, Shonda Buchanan, Eskedar Getahun, Leslie Taylor-Grover, Abeni Jones, Akua Tay, Darren Wallace and our producer, Cydney Smith. For Limina House, our producers are Jessica Rugh Frantz and Sasha Kai Parker, who also edits the podcast. Black History Year’s Executive Producers are Julian Walker for PushBlack and Mikel Ellcessor for Limina House. _Useful links:_ "The Black Image in Antiquity: Beautiful, Royal and Divine" by Runoko Rashidi "The Destruction of Black Civilization" by Chancellor Williams “The Cultural Unity of Black Africa” by Cheikh Anta Diop "They Came Before Columbus" by Ivan Van Sertima
54 min
the NewsWorthy
the NewsWorthy
Erica Mandy
Hurricane Zeta’s Impact, Tech Giants Testify & MLB Investigates - Thursday, October 29th, 2020
The news to know for Thursday, October 29th, 2020! We're talking about: * Hurricane Zeta's impact to the Deep South * Which country is facing a second nationwide lockdown because of the pandemic * The senior administration official who went by 'anonymous' in a scathing White House op-ed has now revealed his identity * The CEOs of three tech giants faced a grilling on Capitol Hill * Why the MLB is investigating a Dodgers player for the way he celebrated the World Series win * How the late Whitney Houston made history, again All that and more in around 10 minutes... Head to www.theNewsWorthy.com/shownotes to read more about our guest or any of the stories mentioned. This episode is brought to you by www.NativeDEO.com/newsworthy. Support the show and become an INSIDER here: www.theNewsWorthy.com/insider Sources: Hurricane Zeta Update: The Weather Channel, AP, USA Today, CBS News, NY Times, Axios France Second Lockdown: BBC, NYT, CNN U.S. Cases, Hospitalizations Rise: USA Today, The Hill Stock Sell-offs: WSJ, AP, WaPo Ransomware Threatens Hospitals: Bloomberg, CNN, Reuters Author of Anti-Trump Op-Ed Revealed: NBC News, Medium, Twitter, NYT (2018 Op-Ed) Tech Giants Testify: Wired, WSJ, Politico, Watch (YouTube/TechCrunch) Apple Search Interest: Financial Times, CNBC, MLB Investigates World Series Player: Axios, NBC News, CBS News Spice Boom: WaPo, WSJ Harley-Davidson’s New Electric Bike: The Verge, Engadget, Harley Davidson Whitney Houston Makes History: AP, Forbes, Billboard Daylight Saving Time: CNN, NJ.com
13 min
Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle
Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle
KIRO Seattle
Aminatou Sow & Ann Friedman, Steak Frites & A Bowl of Peak Season Vegetables
It's the Food + Friendship episode! Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman are long-distance best friends who host the popular podcast Call your Girlfriend and co-wrote the new, best selling book Big Friendship. Just like New York City was the fifth character in Sex and the City, snacks might be the third wheel in Ann and Aminatou's friendship. After years of lounging on each other's couches, chatting and watching Gossip Girl in their comfiest clothes, the pair have perfected their snack game. Learn the bizarre, over-the-top history of the cheese ball (Ann's snack specialty) with its political ties to President Thomas Jefferson, and the not-so-wacky history of Texas queso (Aminatou's snack strength) with Lisa Fain, author of the cookbook Queso and The Homesick Texan blog. Is there a food that defines one of your friendships? A meal that has become a friendship tradition? In the 90s, when their friends were cooking sophisticated and foreign dishes, Seattle's Joelle Nole and Michelle Dideon forged a friendship over their secret love of beef stroganoff. But 28 years later they're still arguing over who won the Beef Stroganoff Off. Follow Your Last Meal on Instagram! "What would your last meal be?" On this James Beard Award finalist for best podcast, National Edward R. Murrow award-winning reporter Rachel Belle asks guests like Greta Gerwig, John Waters, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Jenny Slate this question; but that’s just the beginning! Each dish’s origins, preparation, and cultural influence are among the many stones upturned as Rachel consults chefs and culinary anthropologists, fishmongers and fry cooks on her quest to explore every facet of Your Last Meal. Original music by Prom Queen. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
32 min
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