Heavy Networking 545: Achieving Automated Network State Validation
1 hr 27 min

Automated state validation is our topic today on Heavy Networking. The hard part isn't configuring the network: it's ensuring the configuration has resulted in the desired state. Guest John Capobianco regards automated state validation is an advanced automation technique. We dive into details in this episode.

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Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast
Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast
Ben Stegink, Scott Hoag
Episode 204 – I’ve Never Heard It Referred To As The EEEU…
In Episode 204, Ben and Scott discuss the retirement timeline for Microsoft Edge Legacy and some things to be aware of with support for IE11, permission resets that might or might not be coming to a OneDrive for Business list near you, and how to get hands with Azure Arc if you don't have an on-premises machine to onboard. Sponsors Sperry Software – Powerful Outlook Add-ins developed to make your email life easy even if you’re too busy to manage your inbox ShareGate - ShareGate's industry-leading products help IT professionals worldwide migrate their business to the Office 365 or SharePoint, automate their Office 365 governance, and understand their Azure usage & costs Office365AdminPortal.com - Providing admins the knowledge and tools to run Office 365 successfully Intelligink - We focus on the Microsoft Cloud so you can focus on your business Show Notes Sizing up the iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro Max Microsoft 365 apps say farewell to Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 10 sunsets Microsoft Edge Legacy Plan your deployment of Microsoft Edge Microsoft Removes EEEU Permission from OneDrive for Business Accounts Microsoft Teams multiple work-account sign-in: Not this year microsoft/azure_arc Onboard an Azure Windows Server VM with Azure Arc Onboard an Azure Linux Server VM with Azure Arc Single Node Data Exploration and ML on Azure Databricks About the sponsors Every business will eventually have to move to the cloud and adapt to it. That’s a fact. ShareGate helps with that. Our industry-leading products help IT professionals worldwide migrate their business to the Office 365 or SharePoint, automate their Office 365 governance, and understand their Azure usage & costs. Visit https://sharegate.com/ to learn more. Sperry Software, Inc focuses primarily on Microsoft Outlook and more recently Microsoft Office 365, where a plethora of tools and plugins that work with email have been developed. These tools can be extended for almost any situation where email is involved, including automating workflows (e.g., automatically save emails as PDF or automatically archive emails that are over 30 days old), modifying potentially bad user behaviors (e.g., alert the user to suspected phishing emails or prompt the user if they are going to inadvertently reply to all), and increased email security (e.g., prompt the user with a customizable warning if they are about to send an email outside the organization). Get started today by visiting www.SperrySoftware.com/CloudIT Intelligink utilizes their skill and passion for the Microsoft cloud to empower their customers with the freedom to focus on their core business. They partner with them to implement and administer their cloud technology deployments and solutions. Visit Intelligink.com for more info.
37 min
AWS TechChat
AWS TechChat
AWS TechChat
Episode 76 - September / October Tech Round-up
In this Episode of AWS TechChat, we welcome Shai Perednik to the TechChat team as we perform a tech round up from September through to October of 2020. We covered a plethora of topics today, we started the show talking about price reductions with AWS IOT Events dropping a mammoth 86%. Amazon Connect our ever popular phone system in the cloud decreased telephony costs for outbound calls across six countries in Europe. We then moved to compute, more AWS Graviton 2 instances in more regions. Amazon RDS now has Graviton2 based instances with MySQL and Aurora and a new EC2 instance, the T4G has launched. AWS Backup now is crash consistent for Windows instances and we speak of AWS File Gateway performance upgrades. Apache Flink Kinesis consumer now supports EFO and HTTP 2 data retrieval. Lightsail offers an AMI like experience with OS blueprints and Amazon CloudWatch adds Prometheus support. On the container front, there are now security groups and customizable service IP ranges for EKS. AWS Lambda adds support in the console for AWS Step Functions, making the process of authoring state machines and Lambda functions even easier and there is now a quick start for Microsoft SQL Server Always On under Linux (Ubuntu). Amazon CloudFront launched Origin Shield which is another caching layer that collapses request from Edge Locations and Regional Edge Caches to the closest Regional Edge Cache to the origin, providing an increased cache hit ratio and a reduction of load on the origin. A great feature release if your application has a global audience Lastly Amazon EventBridge now offers DLQ support, wahoo.
46 min
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