Dec 4, 2020
Alt.Latino Introduces You To Louder Than A Riot
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We share our space to introduce you to a new podcast, Louder Than A Riot, an in-depth look at issues around incarceration and the development of hip-hop.
Learn Spanish Con Salsa | Weekly conversations and Spanish lessons with Latin music
Learn Spanish Con Salsa | Weekly conversations and Spanish lessons with Latin music
Tamara Marie, Certified Language Coach
The Black Expat: Finding Peace of Mind in the Dominican Republic (Interview with Kayla Rodriguez)⏵106
In this episode we continue the Black Expat series with an interview with Kayla Rodriguez, a member of Spanish Con Salsa who started learning with us and has recently moved to the Dominican Republic. In this interview, Kayla talks all about why she decided to move to the DR. She tells us a bit about the expat community there and how they adjust to the Dominican lifestyle and culture. Kayla also shares the true cost of living on the island from clothes to technology, and why a 'colmado' is a lifesaver. She also talks about how safe it is to live there--despite what people from the outside may think--and how she's been using her Dominican Spanish 101 Book to communicate better with the locals. *Show Notes: ** JOIN THE SPANISH CON SALSA FLUENCY CLUB! *Get all the support your need to speak Spanish in with confidence in 2021.  Our membership program provides engaging courses, weekly group conversation practice, and regular check-ins with a language coach to keep you moving forward towards fluency.  Get more info @ *Accepting new members now through Saturday, January 16* >* **LEAVE US A RATING & REVIEW (click here)* Let us know how we're doing por favor! Leave us a rating & review in iTunes or Stitcher, and we'll give you a shout out on a future episode. * >>> **Join our list** <<< *To be notified by email when new episodes are released, plus get access to *exclusive listener discounts + giveaways*,* **subscribe to our email list*. *Connect with us...* * Follow us on Instagram * Join our Facebook Group * Follow us on Facebook Support the show (
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