The 5G Privilege
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‘5G’ is a new buzzword floating around every corner of the internet. But what exactly is this hyped-up cellular network, often referred to as the next technological evolution in mobile internet communications? Will it really be 100 times faster than what we have now? What will it make possible that has never been possible before? Who will reap the benefits? And, who will get left behind?

Mike Thelander at Signals Research Group imagines the wild ways 5G might change our lives in the near future. Rhiannon Williams hits the street and takes a new 5G network out for a test drive. Amy France lives in a very rural part of Kansas — she dreams of the day that true, fast internet could come to her farm (but isn’t holding her breath). Larry Irving explains why technology has never been provided equally to everyone, and why he fears 5G will leave too many people out. Shireen Santosham, though, is doing what she can to leverage 5G deployment in order to bridge the digital divide in her city of San Jose.

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Read more about Rhiannon Williams' 5G tests throughout London.

And, find out more about San Jose's smart city vision that hopes to bridge the digital divide.

Understanding Train Station
Understanding Train Station
Josh and Feli
EP17: Cuckoo Clocks, Teen Pregnancies and our Non-Existent Acting Careers - Q&A
Since you guys ask us so many questions in the comments and via dm and email, we decided to dedicate a whole episode to answering them! We touched on the topic of cuckoo clocks, what kinds of food we can't find in the other country, teen pregnancy, our experiences with the Covid restrictions, taxes, and MUCH MORE! Who knows, maybe we answered your questions too? :) We hope you guys enjoy the episode and we'll be back on April1st - mark your calendars! ++German part from 20:17 to 27:30 - subtitles available on YouTube!++ Videos we mentioned in the episode: Episode with Niklas about work-life: - Episode with Jay about parenting and growing up in the US and Germany: - Feli's video on sex education: - Interview that Feli gave on a German podcast: You can listen to this podcast/watch it on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podbean, Amazon Music, and iHeart Radio! Follow us on Instagram▸ • Support us on Patreon▸ • Buy us a coffee▸ • Email us▸ • Website▸ Check out all the videos with Josh and Feli on the "German Girl in America" YouTube channel▸ --- Support this podcast:
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