Why We Seek Discomfort
29 min

From climbing up snow-capped mountains in our boxers to running marathons with no training, one of the core pillars of Yes Theory is seeking out the big heart-pumping, mind-bending physical experiences that force us beyond our limits.

But what’s the point of doing all this? Are big challenges effective at helping us build daily exercise and wellness habits? Or is it more for show? 

The science -- of extending past our physical limits -- is layered and complex. But at the most basic level -- the real reason we take on challenges outside our comfort zones is to prove to ourselves that we can. When you do something you thought you couldn’t do, you get to tell yourself a new story about who you are. And that story is priceless, or more precisely the cost of pushing through the challenge itself. 

In this episode, we hear from Matt, Thomas, and Ammar about various experiences they’ve had -- pushing themselves physically, and committing to daily habits -- in the pursuit of re-writing their own stories. For each of them, the scope and nature of the challenge is different, and it provides a unique perspective into the obstacles we face in our physical lives. 

We also hear from Dianne Bondy, an acclaimed yoga teacher and social justice activist, who shares how Western culture impacts the way we think about physical discomfort, and helps us question some of our most basic assumptions. And Aaron Ferguson, a decorated celebrity physical trainer, shares his experience training and competing in an Ironman alongside Matt. He helps us question when we’ve gone too far, and what the purpose of the pursuit really is.

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Dateable: Your insider's look into modern dating
Dateable: Your insider's look into modern dating
Yue Xu and Julie Krafchick | Dating & Relationship Podcast hosts
S11E14: What's holding you back? w/ Nikki Novo
What if you knew you were on the right path when it came to finding true love? Join us as we chat with medium and author Nikki Novo about the biggest things that are holding us all back from having the love life we've always wanted – whether you're single or in a relationship. We discuss releasing the anxiety and fear of the future, how to get out of our own way, and why intuition can be our #1 tool to navigating our love lives. Follow Nikki at @nikkinovo, check out her book and podcast 'The Final Swipe: Heal your heart, find your person, and end the dating search for good' on all podcast players (for the podcast) and on Amazon (for the book): https://amzn.to/32TXfaZ Follow us @dateablepodcast. Check out our website ( http://dateablepodcast.com/ ) for more content, virtual live show dates, and merch. Join the Sounding Board at https://www.dateablepodcast.com/soundingboard Thank you to our partners for this episode: Bitcast: Clip, collect, and share the best ideas on podcasts with the new social podcasting app. Available now to download on the app store: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1489982155 NEW MERCH! We just dropped our line of merch with masks, cute tanks & tees, comfy sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, and much more! Check it out today: http://dateablepodcast.com.com/shop ( http://dateablepodcast.com/shop ) Cover art Photography Credit: Larry Wong ( http://lwong.net/ ) #lwongphoto Dateable is part of the Frolic Podcast Network. You can find more outstanding podcasts to subscribe to at frolic.media/podcasts ( https://app.redcircle.com/shows/1896ec4c-ab61-46a7-b4ab-16f3ae2e712a/ep/6f03be0a-fd24-4b2c-bf24-3342e7b185ed/frolic.media/podcasts ) Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/dateable-podcast/donations Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands
1 hr 35 min
Shameless Sex
Shameless Sex
Amy Baldwin and April Lampert| Pleasure Podcasts
#198 Get Out Of Your Head In Bed - With Dr. Alison Ash
Beloved repeat guest Dr. Alison Ash returns to discuss why so many people get stuck in their heads during sex. Insecurities, unresolved resentments, lack of confidence in sexual skills and more - Aly teaches us how to get out of our heads in bed while becoming our own best lover. We also answer a sex question about penis owners who have a fetish for wearing lingerie. Want to skip to the interview? Fast forward to minute 16. About our guest: Dr. Alison Ash is a sex and intimacy coach and educator, lecturer at Stanford University, author, and founder of TurnON.love. A champion for others overcoming shame and deepening pleasure, Aly helps her clients experience the kinds of sexual interactions and romantic relationships they long for. As a sociologist with a PhD from Stanford, Aly has a comprehensive understanding of the complex societal challenges that often lead to unsatisfying and disempowering sexual experiences. She also draws on her extensive training in the Hakomi method of psychotherapy as well as Somatica model of sex and intimacy coaching to support her clients to radically explore and courageously express themselves. Aly designs workshops, courses, and retreats and offers individuals and couples coaching to give others the tools to discover their desires and confidently pursue them. She invites you to TurnON pleasure, intimacy and love at TurnON.love Other links: Get 10% off + free shipping with code SHAMELESSSEX on Uberlube AKA our favorite lubricant at uberlube.com Get $5 off while mastering the art of pleasure at OMGyes.com/shameless Get 20% off plant and oil-based lubes + site wide with code SHAMELESSSEX20 at intamopleasureboutique.com Get turned on with 30 days free of super hot audio erotica at dipseastories.com/shameless Discover Amy's favorite vibrators at satisfyer.com Get 15% off all of your sex toys with code SHAMELESSSEX at purepleasureshop.com Want to try one of our favorite boutique wines? Get 10% off of 3 bottles or more with code SHAMELESSSEX10 or 15% off of 6 bottles or more with come SHAMELESSSEX15 at marginswine.com Buy some Shameless Sex swag while supporting a good cause when you visit teepublic.com/stores/shameless-sex-podcast
55 min
Unfuck Nation with Gary John Bishop
Unfuck Nation with Gary John Bishop
Gary John Bishop
Family Failings
Family is always the centerpiece of the Holiday Season. So, while the global pandemic is likely forcing you to scale back the size of your cornucopia this Thanksgiving, the question remains: what sort of drama will your family be bringing to this year's festivities? Well, before you get carried away with your carving knife, Gary's here with a fresh batch of insights to help you handle your Family Failings as we head into the Holidays. You won't want to miss a moment of the fun, so press 'Play' right now for Gary's answers to these big questions from the listeners: * Is there a way to self-diagnose a healthy or unhealthy way of showing love and appreciation for your tribe and your family? * How can I learn to forgive myself and others?  * How can I better tread the line between being a supportive parent and bulldozing my family as a helicopter parent? * When dealing with feeling like an outsider amongst extended family, how can I stop feeling like a victim? * What are your thankful for? All families can work, so we hope you came hungry for answers! All that and more is ahead on this episode of Unfuck Nation with Gary John Bishop! Are You Ready to Unfu*k Yourself for Good? * If you want to be the first to know when we drop new episodes, please take a moment to Follow or Subscribe to Unfuck Nation wherever you listen to your favorite Podcasts. * If you have a question for Gary that you'd like featured on an upcoming episode, you can click here to email him directly or leave us a voicemail on the Unfuck Nation Hotline at (646) 450-3203. * If you'd like to show your support for the show, we would greatly appreciate it if you would share the show with a friend or write a review for the show on Apple Podcasts. * For more of Gary's content, you can click here to visit his website or you can connect with him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
34 min
Doing It! with Hannah Witton
Doing It! with Hannah Witton
Hannah Witton
Gender Euphoria, Chosen Family and Being Non-Binary with Jamie Windust
In this episode, Hannah is joined by Jamie Windust, who is a model, contributing editor at Gay Times, and a recently published author with their book ‘In Their Shoes: Navigating Non-Binary Life’. Jamie discusses their book and about gender euphoria. They and Hannah also talk about what chosen family is and why it’s so important, as well as the role of fashion and make-up in Jamie’s journey discovering their gender. Finally, Hannah and Jamie discuss the dating, depedestaling romance, and what’s in Jamie’s Snapchat archive. ✨MORE ABOUT JAMIE WINDUST✨ Jamie Windust is an award-winning editor, author, model and contributing editor at Gay Times. Their work focuses on discussing through their notable wit and humour, LGBTQ+ and trans specific issues across the world, as well as specifically within the fashion and beauty industries. They have worked and spoken for the likes of TEDxLondon, Gucci, Huffington Post, i-D and Sky News. - In Their Shoes: Navigating Non-Binary Life: https://www.waterstones.com/book/in-their-shoes/jamie-windust/9781787752429 - Twitter: https://twitter.com/jamie_windust - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamie_windust/ 📝CHECK OUT THE SHOW NOTES 📝 https://doingitpodcast.co.uk ✨CONNECT WITH US ✨ https://www.instagram.com/doingitpodcast https://twitter.com/doingitpodcast 👀WANT EARLY & AD-FREE ACCESS TO EPISODES?👀 https://www.patreon.com/hannahwitton ✏️SIGN UP TO OUR NEWSLETTER✏️ http://bit.ly/HannahWittonsNewsletter
48 min
Not Overthinking
Not Overthinking
Ali & Taimur Abdaal
How authentic are we on this podcast?
In this episode, Ali moans about how he always comes across poorly in podcasts while Taimur always comes across well, and how this doesn't accurately represent how we are in real life. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Sponsored by Skillshare This episode is kindly supported by Skillshare. Sign up at skillshare.com/notoverthinkingpod. Leave us a Review If you enjoy listening to the podcast, we'd love for you to leave us a review on iTunes / Apple Podcasts. Here's a link that works even if you're not on an iPhone :)  Send us an Audio Message We really want to include more listener comments and questions in our episodes. If you've got any thoughts on this episode, or if you've got a conundrum or question you'd like us to discuss, send an audio file / voice note to hi@notoverthinking.com.  For any non-audio comments, drop us a tweet or DM on Twitter - https://twitter.com/noverthinking  --- What is this?  Not Overthinking is a podcast about happiness, creativity, and the human condition. We talk about things to help us think, do, and be better. Things like social interaction, lifestyle design, mental models... Things that are hard to examine, but important to explore. And hopefully, things that make for a fun and interesting chat every week. Follow Not Overthinking on Twitter: https://twitter.com/noverthinking.  Who are we?  Ali is a junior doctor and YouTuber working in Cambridge, UK. He makes videos about medicine, technology, productivity and lifestyle design. His links: YouTube, Blog, Newsletter, Instagram Taimur is a data scientist and writer, working on his own startup Causal. He writes on his blog and as a columnist for Medium. His links: Blog, Twitter, Medium, Instagram
1 hr 18 min
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