Reading Obama Quotes, Plus Ryan McMahon and Jon Thompson on Thunder Bay
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Ryan McMahon and Jon Thompson join the show to talk about their excellent podcast Thunder Bay. Katie reads a couple passages from former president Barack Obama's recent memoir 'A Promised Land.'

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The David Pakman Show
The David Pakman Show
David Pakman
1/20/21: Trump Out TODAY, Biden in TODAY
--On the Show: --Donald Trump's final humiliation is a deranged farewell speech from the White House --Donald Trump delivers a lie-riddled screed moments before getting on Air Force One to fly to Florida, leaving Washington DC before Joe Biden's inauguration --Donald Trump pardons 143 people, including Steve Bannon, in his final hours in office --Under no circumstances should President Joe Biden pardon former President Donald Trump --The Donald Trump administration gave $850,000 to anti-vaccine groups during the global coronavirus pandemic --Election-related misinformation is down 73% since Donald Trump was banned from Twitter --Republican Nikki Haley, a former Trump flunkie, completely humiliates herself during a recent Newsmax appearance meant to discuss Joe Biden's foreign policy --Fox News propagandist Sean Hannity's ratings collapse since the 2020 Presidential election --Donald Trump exits office as the least popular president in the history of the polling era, with Melania Trump the most disliked First Lady of the polling era --Voicemail caller from a very confused Troy York, unable to put together even one accurate statement --On the Bonus Show: Man arrested near Capitol with loaded handgun, Joe Biden will immediately cancel Donald Trump's "patriotic education" initiative, Trump discussed forming ditching GOP in final days, much more... 👕 Get 15% off Teddy Stratford shirts by using code PAKMAN at ⭐ Download Trivia Star in the Apple or Google app store! ⚠️ Use code PAKMAN to get your first shipment FREE at 🌿 Use code PAKMAN to save 15% on premium CBD at 👍 Save 20% on LUCY nicotine gum by using code PAKMAN at 🥄 Use code PAKMAN to get free shipping on Magic Spoon at --Become a Supporter: --Follow us on Twitter: --Subscribe on YouTube: --Like us on Facebook: --Leave us a message at The David Pakman Show Voicemail Line (219)-2DAVIDP
1 hr 4 min
The Katie Halper Show
The Katie Halper Show
Katie Halper
Exposing A Fake "Left Wing #BLM Activist" At Capitol Riot w/ Max Blumenthal
A man named Jonathan Sullivan appeared on The Katie Halper Show last week after appearing on Anderson Cooper to talk about the storming of the Capitol and the fatal shooting of one of the rioters, which he not only witnessed but filmed. Sullivan presented himself to Cooper, The Washington Post, Chris Hayes, Katie and more as a "Civil Rights Activist," Black Lives Matter supporter, who was documenting the riot and trying to diffuse the situation. In fact, Katie was introduced to Sullivan by another guest on the show, filmmaker Dan Cohen, who arrived at the Capitol right after the shooting. During the show, Katie realized Sullivan wasn't exactly what he presented himself as to Cohen and others. One of the people she shared her concerns with was journalist and frequent guest Max Blumenthal (, who was also covering the Capitol breach. Katie and Max reviewed the footage that Sullivan released later and discovered it contradicted what he said to Katie on the show. Max then took a deep dive into the bizarre story of John Sullivan, aka JaydenX, aka Activist John, interviewing not only John, but his brother, the woman making a documentary about them and actual Black Lives Matters activists who have tried to warn people that Sullivan is an instigator who puts the movement and people's lives at risk. Read Max's piece at The Grayzone ( here ( ***Please support The Katie Halper Show*** On Patreon: Follow Katie on Twitter:
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