Dec 27, 2017
The Portrait
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A listener voicemail sends us deep down the rabbit hole into one of the most toxic myths of the Confederacy.

Rachel Bernstein
Charmed by a Narcissist w/Lola Binkerd
Lola Binkerd is an Author and Actress who was born and raised as a fourth-generation member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has lived in Los Angeles for 16 years and her horror anthology "The River God and Other Stories" and short story "4-H" are available as eBooks on Gumroad and Amazon. Lola details how being raised in a particularly patriarchal Mormon Church set her up to seek out unhealthy relationships with men as an adult. She shares her experiences dealing with a manipulative and narcissistic love interest. Lola breaks down the learned mindset that allowed her to be drawn into a problematic relationship rife with gaslighting and deception. Before You Go: Rachel explains how growing up love-starved as a child can leave you very confused about what love is and make you vulnerable to manipulation in your adult relationships. Rachel also shares her thoughts on the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol last week. She gives insight into how people can so easily be indoctrinated into an ideology of hate and be driven to participate in tragically violent incidents. ***Rachel is speaking today about the Capitol Hill riots only to show the power of a leader's influence as it connects to the theme of the podcast. She is not taking a political stance (Republican vs. Democrat) and therefore is not inviting political debate or political comments. Thank you!*** Thanks to our newest Patreon supporters: Jonas Schaller, Niamh Quinn, Jenny Vogels, and ShinyCorviknight Help support the show at: https://www.patreon.com/indoctrination
43 min
All My Relations Podcast
All My Relations Podcast
Matika Wilbur & Adrienne Keene
For The Love of The Mauna, Part 2
This is part two in our series For the Love of the Mauna which shares the story of Native Hawaiians’ effort to protect Mauna Kea. The first episode gave us the background and story of the beginning of the TMT fight and the cultural foundations of Mauna Kea. This segment focuses on the resistance camp at Pu’u huluhulu which was established during the summer of 2019 on the Mauna. This ended up garnering attention because it was the largest mobilization of law enforcement in the history of Hawaii to fight those trying to stop the massive destructive construction project in the middle of conservation land. We highlight the kupuna line, the complex relationship with the police, the role of the University of Hawaii, and Native peoples’ relationship with science. “The 30 meter telescope thought that they were going to erect a telescope, but really, they awoke a nation.” - Mehana Kihoi Central in the series are kapuna and scholar Dr. Auntie Noe Noe Wong-Wilson, scholar, poet, and activist; Jamaica Osorio, activist, educator, and cultural practitioner; and Lanakila Mangauil who discuss the health of the natural environment and its connection to fundamental rights as Indigenous peoples.  +++ *All My Relations is Listener Supported *Become a Patron *Follow* Dr. Noe Noe Wong Wilson, Executive Director of The LĀLĀKEA FOUNDATION Jamaica Osorio on Instagram Lanakila Mangauil on Instagram All My Relations on Instagram *Support* https://www.puuhuluhulu.com/ https://www.protectmaunakea.net/donate Episode artwork drawn by  Ciara Sana.  Videography by Upthink Labs Music by Masa Kobayashi Fiscal Sponsorship by Speak Out! Support the show (https://www.paypal.me/amrpodcast) Support the show (https://www.paypal.me/amrpodcast)
49 min
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