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Is a Precious Metals Squeeze Coming? GoldSilverBitcoin's Justin O’Connell on COVID19's Effect on Gold and Silver, Rogue DEA Agents, and the Silk Road Saga
Apr 2, 2020 · 1 hr
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Justin O’Connell of GoldSilverBitcoin joins Charlie Shrem on this week’s episode of Untold Stories. They begin by discussing the Silk Road as an intersection between Bitcoin advocates and free market advocates, how it worked, and Justin's awareness of it at the time. Justin explains how he got into writing in crypto and some of his background in precious metals. They return to the topic of Silk Road and the circumstances of Ross Ulbricht's arrest and questions about the identity of Dread Pirate Roberts. Charlie and Justin discuss the War on Drugs and America's drug problems before Justin outlines details of the rogue DEA agent in the Silk Road case. They turn briefly to talk about COVID19's effect on precious metals markets, Bitcoin futures exchanges, and a potential metals squeeze. Charlie asks about private vaults and they continue on to cover government seizures and how to protect from that. They finish up with a discussion about the government-seized Bitcoins and other unanswered questions in the Silk Road case.



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