Untold Stories
Binance’s CZ gives an Unfiltered, Behind-the-Curtain Look at the Past and Future of Crypto
Jul 23, 2019 · 1 hr
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On this week’s Untold Stories, Binance’s CZ sits down with Charlie to talk about his life, leaving China, Binance’s inner workings and his vision for the future evolution of crypto exchanges, including:The founding of binance and the rationale behind itHow crypto-to-crypto trading changed the spaceHow Biance fundamentally changed how exchanges operateWhy CZ’s family had to flee China and how that changed his worldviewHow decentralization helped Binance succeedThe politics of wearing flip flopsWhy taking care of exchange users over shareholders makes sense in cryptoBinance Coin’s bright future-----This episode of Untold Stories is sponsored by Scott Offord, a broker of ASIC mining gear and the creator of This episode of Untold Stories is sponsored by Scott Offord, the creator of CryptoMining. Scott’s a broker of ASIC mining gear, and helps people buy or sell their miners. He created a bitcoin mining profitability calculator and an interactive ASIC hardware comparison chart that you can find at CryptoMining.Tools

It's the only free online tool for calculating profitability & "Days to ROI" that includes the impact of the bitcoin block reward halving. The calculator lets you put in your estimated uptime to give you more realistic profit projections. Check it out and find Scott on telegram and twitter @offordscott

-----If you enjoyed this conversation, share it with your colleagues & friends, rate, review, and subscribe.This podcast is presented by BlockWorks Group. For exclusive content and events that provide insights into the crypto and blockchain space, visit them at: https://www.blockworksgroup.io

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