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Does Use Equal Value? Rodolfo Novak (NVK), CEO of Coinkite on the Potential Energy of Bitcoin and Why the Majority of People Will Never Actually Own Bitcoin Themselves
Feb 11, 2020 · 59 min
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Rodolfo Novak, CEO and Cofounder of Coinkite, joins Charlie Shrem on this week’s episode of Untold Stories. Charlie and Rodolfo begin with a discussion on value, comparing the value of domain names and squatting with the value of Bitcoin and the expansion of the altcoin markets. Rodolfo expounds on a 'winner takes most' concept and relates it all back to Bitcoin and its network effects. A discussion ensues as to why use does not equal value which brings up the ICO frenzy and projects that are parasitic to Bitcoin. Rodolfo shares his business philosophy of making products he wants to use himself without compromising on privacy and security, rather than for the mass market. He also makes some confessions, explaining how they got the timing wrong. Rodolfo explains his products with a critical discussion of security risks. Charlie and Rodolfo discuss Bitcoin use and value in terms of potential energy. Lastly, they discuss whether there is still urgency in the Bitcoin community or whether something has changed or been lost since the early days.



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