Untold Stories
Untold Stories
Aug 20, 2019
Brian Hoffman On Leaving His Elite Government Job and How It Led to the Founding of OpenBazaar
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OpenBazaar founder Brian Hoffman talks about leaving his elite government job to grow a startup but covers some fascinating ground as well as:

How he took the good ideas and good tech of Silk Road and DarkMarket to create OpenBazaar, how far ahead government technology is than we know, what it’s like to go from privilege to understanding the wider world, how building large, peer-to-peer networks tends to skew toward centralization, how government agencies are at odds over crypto, with some using it to catch crooks and others in clandestine operations, the rollout of OpenBazaar’s app Haven, the importance and moving forward on better cryptography for crypto, how Brian’s in-laws experience of the Iranian revolution changed his worldview, how taking yourself too seriously can backfire, and what it was like for Brian’s boss to see his name in Wired magazine before he did.

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-----This episode of Untold Stories is sponsored by Scott Offord, a broker of ASIC mining gear and the creator of CryptoMining. You can find him on twitter @offordscott.

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Bitcoin Audible (previously the cryptoconomy)
Bitcoin Audible (previously the cryptoconomy)
Guy Swann
Read_454 - The Last Word on Bitcoin's Energy Consumption [Nic Carter]
"If your local energy cost is effectively zero but you cannot sell your energy anywhere, the existence of a global buyer for energy is a godsend." - Nic Carter What do all the "boiling oceans" alarmist miss about the nature & incentives of Bitcoin's energy consumption? Can we determine anything meaningful about Bitcoin's energy use by looking at the state of mining today, and the trends leading us into the future? Today we read a great piece from CoinDesk by the many times Bitcoin Audible author Nic Carter, on the fallacies of the general thinking, why Bitcoin gets picked on, & the simple thing the complainers could do to solve it. Nic Carter's "The Last Word on Bitcoin's Energy Consumption": https://www.coindesk.com/the-last-word-on-bitcoins-energy-consumption?amp=1 Other excellent pieces by Nic Carter available in audio: A Most Peaceful Revolution: https://anchor.fm/thecryptoconomy/episodes/CryptoQuikRead_293---A-Most-Peaceful-Revolution-Nic-Carter-e5bfpm The Cat is Out of the Bag: https://anchor.fm/thecryptoconomy/episodes/CryptoQuikRead_340---The-Cat-is-Out-of-the-Bag-Nic-Carter-ea6ffl Don't Fear the Reaper: https://anchor.fm/thecryptoconomy/episodes/Read_436---Dont-Fear-the-Reaper-Nic-Carter-ej3h3l Unpacking Bitcoin's Assurances: https://anchor.fm/thecryptoconomy/episodes/CryptoQuikRead_281---Unpacking-Bitcoins-Assurances-Nic-Carter-e4sn3r If you would like to support the show & be a part of the anointed Satoshi's Audionauts, become a patron at Patreon.com/thecryptoconomy! This show wouldn't be possible without all the incredible supporters of my work, and I cannot thank you guys enough! And a thanks to Hexa Wallet for a great, non-custodial, seedless, multi-factor and multi-account mobile wallet that's great for a whole range of users, experienced and new to the space! Check them out at Hexawallet.io --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thecryptoconomy/message
47 min
The Scoop
The Scoop
The Block
LMAX's CEO breaks down the real impact of the U.K. crypto derivatives ban
The ban will take effect in January of next year, affecting crypto brokers, investment platforms, financial advisers and, of course, derivatives exchanges. But, David Mercer, CEO of LMAX Group, said what the ban really does is effectively halve the leverage. The FCA had already limited leverage to retail customers to two to one, now it's one to one.   "You've banned derivatives, but actually you've just halved leverage. It's one to one rather than two to one. That's all that's really happened," said Mercer. "What they're saying to everyone, you can own crypto assets you just can't own it on leverage. " Still, Mercer said there is a duty in capital markets to protect retail investors and firms have a duty of care. LMAX Group is a regulated broker in the U.K. trading mostly spot, but clients still pass suitability tests indicating their understanding of the product. Working with regulators, even when you disagree with them — and Mercer said he does disagree with the ban — is key. Mercer laid out why he thinks the FCA took such an aggressive approach on this issue as well as its implications on this episode of The Scoop. He also touched on: Why normal corporate firms are beginning to set aside part of their balance sheets to bitcoin, and why Mercer says it's inevitable that bigger traditional funds begin allocating portions of their portfolio to bitcoin How the market responded to regulator cases against Bitmex  The implications of the FCA ban and how the regulator's influence might change by ignoring crypto stakeholders Why he thinks a significant bank will move into the marketplace in 2021 and what that will do for crypto.
45 min
Once BITten!
Once BITten!
Daniel Prince
@cryptojoedirtay - Few Understand How Insolvent Drunk Uncle Sam Is. #80
BTC $ 12,997 Today's guest on the show is @cryptojoedirtay , just another one of us #Bitcoin plebs trying to find order in a world of chaos! Join Joe and I as we take a journey down the rabbit hole of a millennial who did all the things right. Got the grades, got the job, got the promotions then threw it all in whilst in his mid-twenties! Listen to @cryptojoedirtay describe how he has stacked and hodld hard and how #bitcoin has changed his life and outlook for the future. Thank you @cryptojoedirtay for reaching out and taking the step up to put your thoughts out there. Let's hope your story inspires many other young people coming in behind you! Thank you also for being patient with the release of this show, sorry I  got swamped with content and this episode release got pushed back! A huge thank you to @coinfloor and @obi for the continued support. Massive thanks to @adamwoodhams1 for his awesome work and producing the show. H/t to @hodlerthanthou and the Britcoiners @twentyoneism. Shills and Mench’s: www.coinfloor.co.uk/bitten www.swanbitcoin/oncebitten @sethpeachey @hodloncomrades - Sir William Of Rotherham @martybent - @TFTC21 @misir_mahmudov - https://www.amazon.com/This-Book-Will-Save-Time-ebook/dp/B085PVW6M2 @jeffbooth @prestonpysh @PeterMcCormack @RaoulGMI @100trillionUSD @saifedean @michael_saylor @MicroStrategy @breedlove22 @ledger @johnkvallis @pierre_rochard @GeorgeGammon @nlw @realvision @joerogan
1 hr 31 min
The Delphi Podcast
The Delphi Podcast
Tom Shaughnessy
Tyler Ward: How BarnBridge is Tokenizing Risk and Attracting $200M In TVL In 48 Hours
Chain Reaction Host Tom Shaughnnessy hosts Tyler Ward, the Co-Founder of BarnBridge. The two discuss Attracting $200M in yield farming deposits in 48 hours and tokenizing risk via smart alpha (fractional ownership with different risk/rewards) and smart yield (interest rate vol mitigation). - Show Notes (1:09) – Quite a Week for BarnBridge! (3:47) – Tyler Ward Background (6:32) – Conceptualizing BarnBridge (14:06) – Having a Dream Team (15:04) – What’s BarnBridge / BarnBridge products (27:21) – Retail Crowd or Institutional Crowd (32:12) – Smart Yield product (38:19) – What’s the formula behind the Tranches (41:12) – How BarnBridge makes a valuable protocol (48:08) – What is next on the road for BarnBridge Resources: * Guest’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/LordTylerWard * BarnBridge’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/barn_bridge * Tom's Twitter: https://twitter.com/Shaughnessy119 * Delphi Podcast Twitter: https://twitter.com/PodcastDelphi More * Our Video interviews Can Be Viewed Here: https://youtu.be/fubeSokngY8 * Access Delphi's Research Here: https://www.delphidigital.io/ Disclosures: This podcast is strictly informational and educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any tokens or securities or to make any financial decisions. Do not trade or invest in any project, tokens, or securities based upon this podcast episode. The host may personally own tokens that are mentioned on the podcast. Lets Talk Bitcoin is a distribution partner for the Chain Reaction Podcast, and our current show features paid sponsorships which may be featured at the start, middle, and/or the end of the episode. These sponsorships are for informational purposes only and are not a solicitation to use any product or service.
52 min
Zero Knowledge
Zero Knowledge
Fredrik Harrysson, Anna Rose
Episode 152: Blockchain analytics with Alex Svanevik from Nansen
In this week’s episode, guest host Tarun Chitra (https://twitter.com/tarunchitra) and Anna chat with Alex Svanevik (https://twitter.com/asvanevik?lang=en), CEO & cofounder of Nansen (https://nansen.ai). They cover crypto analytics, DeFi analytics as well as discuss the push and pull between a need for privacy and the need for blockchain transparency and data. Topics include: can DeFi and Privacy co-exist, how being aware of blockchain analytics could help people improve their opsec, the role of reputation in these systems, and, finally, how analytics in public blockchains may used as a novel marketing tactic (eg. when someone purposefully makes a big buy, knowing sophisticated traders are following their every move using these analytics tools and will see this as a signal to buy as well). Thanks to this week’s sponsor Aleo (https://aleo.org/) Aleo is the first platform for fully private applications. It uses blockchain and zero-knowledge cryptography to deliver a web experience that is both personal and private. With Aleo, developers can write private applications, without a background in blockchains or expertise in cryptography. Aleo has released Developer Preview I (https://developer.aleo.org/aleo/getting_started/overview/), an early peek at what the future of the web will look like. The release introduces a new programming language called Leo, a new community-driven package manager for Leo, and a new development environment or IDE called Aleo Studio (https://aleo.studio/). We recently had Howard Wu, a co-founder of Aleo, on the show for an interview - you can find that episode here (https://www.zeroknowledge.fm/144). Learn more about Aleo at https://aleo.org/ Thanks again Aleo! If you like what we do: Follow us on Twitter - @zeroknowledgefm -https://twitter.com/zeroknowledgefm Join us on Telegram -https://t.me/joinchat/B81tQ57-ThZg8yOSx5gjA Catch us on Youtube -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYWsYz5cKw4wZ9Mpe4kuMg Read up on the r/ZKPodcast subreddit -https://www.reddit.com/r/zkpodcast Give us feedback! -https://forms.gle/iKMSrVtcAn6BByH6A Support our Gitcoin Grant -https://gitcoin.co/grants/329/zero-knowledge-podcast-2 Support us on the ZKPatreon -https://www.patreon.com/zeroknowledge Or directly here: ETH: 0xC0FFEE1B5083230a5154F55f253B6b6ae8F29B1a BTC: 1cafekGa3podM4fBxPSQc6RCEXQNTK8Zz ZEC: t1R2bujRF3Hzte9ALHpMJvY8t5kb9ut9SpQ
1 hr 4 min
The Wolf Of All Streets
The Wolf Of All Streets
Scott Melker | BlockWorks Group
Magic Truffles and Magic Money with Todd Shapiro, CEO of Red Light Holland
Todd Shapiro, once a shy youth, found his comfort zone on camera and behind the microphone, becoming a Canadian radio sensation with a prime time show airing nightly. After pivoting from radio, Todd became an advocate for microdosing mushrooms, with the intention of breaking stigmas around psilocybin. His company, Red Light Holland, is smashing through regulatory barriers and destroying misconceptions. On the forefront of emerging markets, Todd also has an interest in Bitcoin and the blockchain.  Scott Melker and Todd Shapiro further discuss becoming a radio sensation, going on the show Blind Date, what is a “Magic Mushroom”, Magic Truffles vs. Magic Mushrooms, falling in love with capital markets, pink elephants and bending phones, stigmas and conspiracy theories, big pharma, appreciating the things that mean the most, a VR microdose headset, the Red Light District, psychedelics, psilocybin and more. --- ROUNDLYX RoundlyX allows you to dollar-cost-average into crypto with our spare change "Roundup" investing tool, manage multiple crypto exchange accounts in one dashboard and access curated digital asset content and services. Visit RoundlyX and use promo code "WOLF" to learn more about accumulating your favorite digital assets when making everyday purchases and earn $4 in free Bitcoin. --- EQUOS Diginex is the first company with a cryptocurrency exchange to be listed in the US. That exchange, EQUOS, has been built to institutional standards, but is available to everyone. You can trade Bitcoin and Ethereum spot, as well as Bitcoin perpetuals, and get a 5% discount on all fees, by signing up using equos.com/wolf. --- CELSIUS With the Celsius app you can earn up to 15% APY rewards on over 30 cryptocurrencies. Have crypto but want cash? Celsius also offers the lowest cost loans against your crypto with interest rates starting at just 1% APR. Enter promo code WOLF when you sign up and get $20 in BTC! Users must transfer and hold at least $200 of any coin for 30 days to be eligible for the reward. --- If you enjoyed this conversation, share it with your colleagues & friends, rate, review, and subscribe.This podcast is presented by BlockWorks Group. For exclusive content and events that provide insights into the crypto and blockchain space, visit them at: https://www.blockworksgroup.io
1 hr 23 min
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