001 Former Cohost LARIE PIDGEON Interviews Tripp Bassett
Play • 25 min

Interview of me by former co-host. The podcast was called TrippnLarry, and my co-host's name was Larie Pidgeon of Instagram's Hudson Valley Happenings. She had such a hand on the pulse of the Hudson Valley. And after our interview, I turned off the recorder and she said, You know what? I've been wanting to get into podcasting for a long time. And I know through what you've done in the Hudson Valley what I've done, we could really pull in a lot of very unique, interesting, fascinating people. And would you be interested in the possibility of co hosting a podcast with me? And of course, I jumped on the opportunity, which is just so fun. Fabulous. We had a great chemistry and the few interviews we did do were so much fun. And everyone involved said, gosh, that was just the greatest time of us has and the finest chemistry and we just can't wait to see what's going to happen. So unfortunately, that had to come to an end as I came to Texas in quarantine and transition to my podcast from the East Coast to Texas. 

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