The Purple Principle
S1 E3 The Forty Million Missing: America’s Independent Voters and Voices
Jul 9, 2020 · 24 min
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The Purple Principle, Season 1, Episode 3. The Forty Million Missing: America’s Independent Voters and Voices

By most measures, the US has over 40 million independent or unaffiliated voters representing a third or more of the electorate. Yet despite large and growing numbers, independents are often missing from the national conversation.  

Independents have no cable channel or national newspaper. You rarely encounter an independent perspective on a major network or opinion page. And there’s a surprising lack of scholarship on them as well. Yet independents loom large come election time precisely because of their large numbers and low predictability. 

Who are American’s prominent, politically-engaged political independents? We’ll meet four in episode 3.

Laura Sibilia, a three-term independent legislator in the Vermont Assembly; John Opdycke, President of Open Primaries; Thom Reilly, current  Chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education; and Jacqueline Salit, President of

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