Well-Fed Women
Well-Fed Women
Oct 20, 2020
How to Track Your Cycle To Improve Your Health and Balance Your Hormones with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack
1 hr 10 min

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In this episode, Noelle and another Well-Fed Woman Lisa Hendrickson-Jack discuss how to track your cycle to improve your health and balance your hormones.

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[03:25] How to Track Your Cycle To Improve Your Health and Balance Your Hormones 


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If you feel like you are doing all the right things yet you’re still struggling with digestive issues such as gas, bloating, or cramping—which are actually very common, nothing to be ashamed about—start with a high quality enzyme and try switching to a proteolytic probiotic.

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Be Well By Kelly
Be Well By Kelly
Kelly Leveque
63. Breastfeeding 101: How to Breastfeed & Prepare for the Mommy Transition - with Morgan Jackson #FabulousFriends
Morgan Jackson is a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who founded https://lactation1.wixsite.com/preparedbeginnings (Prepared Beginnings) because she is passionate about women and infant health, growth in motherhood, and seeing families thrive. I’m a month away from giving birth(!) and I don’t remember how to breastfeed, so I’ve been paying close attention to Morgan’s Instagram and all of the practical breastfeeding advice that she shares. Morgan’s also the mother of a beautiful boy and currently pregnant with baby number two, and I’m so excited to not just have this conversation but be going through this process alongside Morgan! You will learn about... Breastfeeding isn’t as intuitive as a lot of people think It’s okay to ask for support! How to get ready for breastfeeding while you’re pregnant What all potential parents should know about the physiological benefits of breastfeeding for the parent How breastfeeding helps reduce your chances to get cancer and other diseases Local breastfeeding support: https://www.llli.org/ (La Leche League International) What to expect in the first few days after giving birth The different breastfeeding holds Oral anomalies like tongue ties What you need to know about pumping What to expect from a newborn’s poop How do you know if your baby is getting enough milk? Newborn weight fluctuation Breastfeeding red flags Storing breast milk Paced bottle feeding The best bottles available Resources: https://lactation1.wixsite.com/preparedbeginnings (Prepared Beginnings) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/preparedbeginningslactation/ (@preparedbeginningslactation) Find breastfeeding support at https://www.llli.org/ (La Leche League International) Read: https://www.llli.org/resources/womanly-art-breastfeeding/ (“The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding”) Connect with Kelly: https://kellyleveque.com/ (kellyleveque.com) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bewellbykelly/ (@bewellbykelly) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bewellbykelly/ (www.facebook.com/bewellbykelly) Be Well By Kelly is a production of http://crate.media (Crate Media)
1 hr 5 min
Fertility Friday Radio | Fertility Awareness for Pregnancy and Hormone-free birth control
Fertility Friday Radio | Fertility Awareness for Pregnancy and Hormone-free birth control
Lisa | Fertility Friday
FFP 339 | Autoimmune issues and Infertility | Aimee Raupp MS, LAc
Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc, is a renowned women’s health & fertility expert, celebrity acupuncturist & coach, and the best- selling author of the books Chill Out & Get Healthy, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, and Body Belief. Aimee works virtually with clients all over the world, as well she is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in private practice in New York and Connecticut. Aimee holds a Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Rutgers University. She is also the founder of the Aimee Raupp Beauty line of hand-crafted, organic skincare products that are optimized for hormone harmony. Aimee is also the Head of Chinese Medicine at The Well in NYC and is a frequent speaker at women’s health & wellness conferences across the nation. In today’s episode we talk about autoimmunity and the negative impact it can have on fertility. Today’s episode is sponsored by the Fertility Awareness Mastery LIVE 8 week group coaching program! We start on January 12th! Will you be joining us?Click here to register now! Topics discussed in today's episode: * How Aimee came to writing her most recent book Body Belief * Aimee’s career background and what brought her to research autoimmune diseases and fertility * What is autoimmunity and what its related to * Connection between endometriosis and autoimmunity * Connection between PCOS, Diabetes, Crohn’s, Premature Ovarian Failure and autoimmunity * The correlation between diabetes and level of toxicity in your body and how it relates to autoimmunity * How autoimmunity links to fertility * Aimee’s suggestion to support optimal immune functioning * Inflammation and its impact on your egg quality * Aimee’s thoughts on the thyroid and the autoimmune component * Different paradigms on healthcare Connect with Aimee Raupp: You can connect with Aimee on Facebook, Instagram and on her website. Resources mentioned: * Chill Out & Get Healthy * Yes, You Can Get Pregnant * Body Belief * The Fifth Vital Sign: Master Your Cycles & Optimize Your Fertility (Book) | Lisa Hendrickson-Jack * Fertility Awareness Mastery Charting Workbook * Fertility Awareness Mastery Online Self-Study Program Related podcasts & blog posts: * FFP 302 | Dirty Genes | MTHFR, Folic Acid, and Your Fertility | Dr. Ben Lynch, ND * FFP 286 | Surviving Infertility | Sheridan Voysey * FFP 277 | The Top 4 Reasons Why You’re Not Conceiving | Lisa | Fertility Friday * FFP 259 | Thyroid, Adrenals, and Fertility | Dr. Aviva Romm, MD * [On-Air Client Session] FFP 234 | Thyroid Health and Your Charts | Lisa & Taq * FFP 189 | Lyme Disease & Fertility | Robin Shirley * FFP 164 | Thyroid Health and Fertility | Erika Enos * [On-Air Client Session] FFP 131 | Fertility Awareness Reality Series | Managing Hashimoto’s Naturally | Going Gluten Free | Kelly & Lisa * FFP 124 | Thyroid Health & Fertility, Why the TSH Test Isn’t Enough | Iodine & Thyroid Function | Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome | Dr. David Brownstein, MD | Dr. Denis Wilson, MD * FFP 116 | Stop The Thyroid Madness | Going Beyond Synthroid & Getting to the Root Cause of Thyroid Disorders | Why the TSH Test Isn’t Enough | What to do when your Doctor Won’t Cooperate | Janie Bowthorpe, M. Ed. * FFP 111 | 8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS | Inflammation, Gut Health, Thyroid Disorders & PCOS | Infertility | Autoimmunity | Dr. Fiona McCulloch, ND * FFP 045 | Autoimmune Disease and Fertility | Thyroid Health | MTHFR Gene Mutation | Dr. Fiona McCulloch * FFP 046 | Healing Your Thyroid Naturally with Nutrient Rich Foods | Thyroid Health and Fertility | Andrea Beaman * FFP 041 | Thyroid Health and Fertility | Dr. Maureen Rozenn * FFP 017 | Natural Treatment for Unexplained Infertility | Treating Endometriosis and Fibroids | Dr Shawna Darou, ND Join the community! Find us in the Fertility Friday Facebook Group. Subscribe to the Fertility Friday Podcast in Apple Podcasts! Music Credit: Intro/Outro music Produced by J-Gantic A Special Thank You to Our Show Sponsors: Fertility Awareness Mastery Live: Postpartum Edition This episode is sponsored by the upcoming Postpartum Edition of Fertility Awareness Mastery LIVE! Master Fertility Awareness and take a deep dive into your cycles and how they relate to your overall health! Click here to apply now! The Fertility Awareness Charting Workbook This episode is sponsored by my new book the Fertility Awareness Mastery Charting. Click here to buy now.
1 hr 1 min
The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast
The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast
Dr. Janean Anderson
Episode 66: Positive Nutrition and Food Neutrality with Paige Smathers
On this episode with Paige Smathers, we dive into gentle nutrition and the journey of recovery. Paige shares with us some ways that we can take back food in terms of nourishing our bodies and being present in our bodies. We also discuss: * What practicing gentle nutrition may look like * How breaking away from diet culture brings liberation * Neutralizing all foods when practicing gentle nutrition * And much more! Connect with Paige on IG: @paigesmathersrd Paige Smathers, RDN, CD is a registered dietitian nutritionist in private practice and podcaster whose work revolves around helping people heal their relationships with food and their body. She specializes in chronic dieting, addiction recovery nutrition, eating disorders and family feeding dynamics. In her spare time, she can be found exploring the outdoors and making delicious food with her husband, two young daughters and her dog named Boone. She is the owner of Positive Nutrition™, which provides individual nutrition therapy, online courses, and mentorship and coaching for professionals. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook for more food for thought! Get your copy of Dr. Anderson’s book, Recover Your Perspective, on Amazon.com! This podcast is hosted and produced by Janean Anderson, Ph.D., CEDS-S. Dr. Anderson is a licensed psychologist, author, and podcast host. She holds the Certified Eating Disorder Specialist designation from the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP). She is the Founder and Director of Colorado Therapy & Assessment Center, an outpatient treatment center in Denver, Colorado that specializes in eating disorders. Dr. Anderson also provides private, one-on-one recovery coaching for listeners of the podcast and for treatment providers seeking supervision and consultation for their CEDS. Interested? Email for more info: podcast@eatingdisorderrecoverypodcast.com This podcast is sponsored by EDCare. As one of the nation’s foremost centers for the diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders, EDCare offers patients, their families, healthcare professionals and the community over 19 years of eating disorder experience. Their gender-inclusive programs include PHP, day and evening IOP, outpatient therapy and an adolescent program. Their unique mindfulness-based treatment philosophy CAMSA®, which stands for Connection, Acceptance, Mindfulness, Sense of self, and Action, is incorporated into each individualized treatment plan and supported by Master’s level clinicians or higher. EDCare offers four specialty programs for binge eating disorder, athletes, substance use, and trauma. Facilities are located in Denver, Colorado Springs, Kansas City, and Omaha. Affordable housing is available in Denver and Kansas City. Visit them online at www.eatingdisorder.care to learn more or call 866-771-0861 To learn more about the podcast, visit www.eatingdisorderrecoverypodcast.com. Follow Dr. Anderson’s work here: Facebook.com/DrAndersonAuthor Facebook.com/DrJaneanAnderson Twitter.com/DrJanean Instagram @drjaneananderson Get emails about Dr. Anderson’s writing and other happenings at www.eatingdisorderrecoverypodcast.com
50 min
Half Size Me
Half Size Me
Heather A. Robertson
Why You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Be Proud Of Yourself | HSM 459
In episode 459 of The Half Size Me™ Show, Heather talks with Kate about why you don't have to be perfect to be proud of yourself and how her stressful job and relationships affected her weight what exercise she learned she didn’t like doing to lose weight why it’s helpful to have pride in yourself no matter what you weigh  why fitting into her favorite jeans helped motivate her what do after you gain weight  how she’s made peace with her weight being above her BMI range why it’s important to focus on what your body can do  and more! Do you want to get support and connection at a price you can afford? Then check out the Half Size Me Community here: https://halfsizeme.com/join About Half Size Me The Half Size Me™ Show is a weekly podcast. It will inspire and motivate you no matter where you are in your weight loss journey. Whether you're just getting started losing weight or having worked on your health and wellness for years, this show is for you! The Half Size Me Show is hosted by Heather Robertson, who lost 170 pounds over a period of about 5 years. Heather did it by learning new eating habits, getting regular exercise, and changing her mindset. On her popular weekly podcast, The Half Size Me Show, Heather shares her own lessons and struggles with you, and she shows you how to handle the real challenge of any weight loss journey... weight maintenance. Be sure to subscribe to The Half Size Me Show and join Heather every week as she shares information, inspiration, coaching, and conversations with REAL people who've learned weight loss isn't only about losing pounds, it's about finding yourself. Disclaimer: Heather is not a doctor, nurse, or certified health professional. What worked for her or her guests may not work for you. Please talk with your doctor, dietician, or other certified health professionals when seeking advice about your own weight loss or weight maintenance plan. All information included in The Half Size Me™ Podcast and on HalfSizeMe.com is for informational and inspirational purposes only. For additional disclaimer information, please visit HalfSizeMe.com. To contact Heather about the show, please click here to use the contact form.
58 min
Healthy Hormones for Women Podcast
Healthy Hormones for Women Podcast
Samantha Gladish: Online Nutritionist, Weight Loss Coach and Hormone Fixer-
130: Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas
Are you excited to celebrate the holidays? Get into the holiday spirit with these gift ideas with a healthy twist. You can find all the info and links about this episode at https://holisticwellness.ca/episode130 Topics Discussed in this Episode: * My holiday gift ideas * Essential oils * Skincare * Supplements * Healthy gift baskets * Books and journals * Meal prep kits and homemade treats * Sleep kits and fitness kits * The SodaStream * Coupons Key Takeaways: * Essential oils always make amazing gifts. And especially this year when there’s been this bigger awareness about taking responsibility for how we’re showing up for our health, essential oils fit in beautifully. * If you are ready to ditch your toxic cleaning products, revamp your skincare, and also support your hormonal health, adrenal health, energy, digestion, etc., essential oils are the way to go. * If you’re looking to support your hormones and take it up a notch in the new year with your health, and get on a better routine, gift yourself with some amazing supplements. * For somebody who really wants to step up their health in the new year, a great gift idea would be to give them the tools that will help them be successful. Action Steps: * Make DIY essential oil gifts for friends and family. You can buy some empty bottles and make DIY all-purpose cleaners and roll-on blends. * Support your loved one’s health or longevity by gifting them with supplements. * Peruse the Natura Market website: Naturamarket.ca and put together nice little gift packs for friends and family. * Head over to hormonesolutionbook.com and gift The 30-Day Hormone Solution to yourself or someone who wants to dive deeper into hormonal health. * Put together meal prep kits, sleep kits, and fitness kits to give as gifts. * Make coupons. Samantha said: “It’s your decision; it’s your choice how you want to head into the holiday season… Especially this year with everything that we have all been through, with what’s been going on with the pandemic, we need these things to celebrate.” “Make sure that you give yourself some downtime and some time to truly celebrate and enjoy the holiday season.” Thanks for listening! Important Announcements: Don’t forget to connect with me over on Instagram, @holisticwellnessfoodie. Let me know if there’s anything you’d love for me to expand on. It would also mean so much if you would leave us a rating or a review at any podcast platform that you’re listening to us on. Links to things I talk about in the show: * Save 20% off Energybits Spirulina and Chlorella at energybits.com. Use the code HEALTHYHORMONES. * Save 15% off ALL Organifi products at organifishop.com. Check out Organifi Immune to help support your body during the cold and flu season. Use the code HEALTHYHORMONES for your 15% savings. * Save 20% off ALL Alitura Naturals SkinCare at https://alituranaturals.com. The Clay Mask is the BEST!! * Save 15% storewide on LeesTea and LeesGhee (the pink chai is my absolute fav! and their maple ghee is amazing in coffee and perfect over roasted vegetables). Use the code HEALTHYHORMONES - leesprovisions.com/healthyhormones. * Check out CANPREV products across Canadian Health Food Stores and online at Natures-Source.ca - I personally LOVE their MYCO10 and Collagen powder. They are great to add to smoothies and elixirs. Also, check out their product ADRENAL CHILL for supporting the adrenal glands and helping your body better adapt to stress. * Save 15% off your very first order on Naturamarket.ca - They carry the best health food products and they are my go-to source for all things delicious! A few brands that I order on the regular - nutpods, siete, lily's chocolate, bobs red mill, simple mills and primal palate spices. You're gonna LOVE shopping here. They only ship to Canada*. Use the code HEALTHYHORMONES and save 15%. Where you can find me: Samantha’s Facebook Samantha’s Instagram Samantha’s Website Samantha’s Twitter Healthy Hormones for Women Podcast Private Community on Facebook How you can work with me: * 6-Week Healthy Hormones for Women Intensive - Get 60% off when you enroll today! * Healing & Dealing with Hashi’s
43 min
The Essential Oil Revolution w/ Essential Oils Educator Samantha Lee Wright
The Essential Oil Revolution w/ Essential Oils Educator Samantha Lee Wright
Samantha Lee Wright
247: Get Oil Fit w/Johnny Williams
"Always leave the gym better than you found it."” – Johnny Williams In this episode, former Duke athlete Johnny Williams teaches us why he wishes he found essential oils much sooner. As a trainer, he empowers his clients with the knowledge, skills, support, guidance, and resources to assist and inspire them on their journey. Learn why he doesn’t believe anyone is “injury prone” and how he uses the power of essential oils in fitness. Hear his mindset towards hitting the gym, and how to grow yourself inside and out as an athlete. Also in this episode- a thorough breakdown of a premium starter kit. Fabulous! Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include: Essential Oil Insiders: a monthly membership with access to exclusive modules, talks, Q&As, and Samantha’s private facebook group. Cost is $15/month (first 30 days are free) revolutionoilspodcast.com/insiders Submit a Recipe to the DIY Dugout by emailing diy@revolutionoilspodcast.com OR by using the Hashtags #diydugout and #revolutionoilspodcast on Instagram. Swag prize bundle still running! Learn more here: www.revolutionoilspodcast.com Learn more about Johnny Williams at http://www.getoilfit.com Thank you to our amazing sponsors this week: Liquid IV →For 25% off your order, visit liquid-iv.com and enter promo code REVOLUTION This episode is sponsored by Better Help →For 10% off your first month, use discount code REVOLUTION Freeoilscourse.com---> Visit freeoilcourse.com, enter your email address, and you will be sent a series of videos to break down the basics of essential oils and their uses View our entire sponsor list at www.revolutionoilspodcast.com/sponsors
42 min
Essentially You: Empowering You On Your Health & Wellness Journey With Safe, Natural & Effective Solutions
Essentially You: Empowering You On Your Health & Wellness Journey With Safe, Natural & Effective Solutions
Dr. Mariza Snyder
244: Eating and Training According to Your Menstrual Cycle w/ Dr. Stephanie Estima
If You Want to Use Your Menstrual Cycle to Your Advantage You Should: * Alter what you eat based on which phase of your cycle you are in to give your body what it needs to absorb * Switch up your workout routine between heavy weight lifting, building lean muscle mass, and taking time for recovery * Listen to your divine feminine power and give your body what it is asking you for You might know that you can break down your menstrual cycle into four different phases, but did you know that how you eat and exercise in each of these phases can impact your health, fertility, and metabolism? Understanding how you are evolving throughout the month can help you use your menstrual cycle to your advantage and provide optimal functioning. Optimizing Your Menstrual Cycle with Dr. Stephanie Estima Dr. Stephanie Estima is an expert in metabolism and body composition. She has a special interest in functional neurology, brain metabolism, and the specific application of the ketogenic diet and fasting to female physiology. Using her framework, The ESTIMA Method, she focuses on distilling strategies in nutrition, movement, and mindset to actualize human potential, longevity, and achievement. The Four Phases of Your Cycle The four phases of your cycle can be broken down into menstruation, the follicular phase, ovulation, and the luteal phase. Each of these phases needs specific diet and exercise routines to help your hormones function optimally and play the long game when it comes to your health and wellness. By combining Dr. Stephanie's knowledge around fasting, the ketogenic diet, and the mensural cycle, you can reduce your inflammation, get a grip on your insulin, and give your body what it needs depending on where you are at in your cycle. Weight lifting, carbohydrates, and taking a much-needed rest can all help you see tremendous results if done correctly and at the right time for your body. Listen to Your Feminine Power Whether you want children or not, your body's process of creating life requires a level of energy that no other cell in the human body has to produce. This is why it is critical to do what feels right for you and lean into your feminine power so that you can listen to what your body is telling you. True sexiness comes from knowing who you are, feeling comfortable in your skin, and taking care of yourself in the ways you should. Understanding why your body is doing what it is doing can help you tweak how you eat and work out so that you can listen to your female wisdom and rest when you need to help your body function as best it can. Do you switch up what you eat and how you exercise according to your menstrual cycle? You should! Share which of Dr. Stephanie’s tips you will implement into your monthly routine with us in the comments section of the episode page. Quotes: “All throughout your life, it is important to be connected to yourself, but I think as your body is starting to navigate that change with your menstrual cycle and your cyclicity and the cadence around that, it's such a wonderful time to get underneath the throat. Get out of your head, get into your body, and learn what your body is trying to tell you.” (7:19) “It really wasn’t until I started tracking my cycle, understanding the different ebbs and flows of when estrogen is high, when progesterone is high, when testosterone is high, for me to start changing the macronutrient composition of the diet where I really started to have a deeper understanding of female physiology and its interplay with food.” (16:22) “We have always been told ‘calories in, calories out’, we have to restrict it, we have to always be on some sort of diet. And I think in week four, this is really a time to just let all of that go because your body requires more food.” (25:44) “Just soften a little bit and surrender into the idea that its what makes you uniquely and beautifully female.” (33:18) “Allowing yourself the time to recover, surrendering to the rest, giving yourself permission to heal, saying you are worth it, you are worth waiting for, you are worth taking some time off and allowing your body the time to do what it innately knows how to do.” (45:27) In This Episode * Redefining ‘sexiness’ by living your truth and having ownership in knowing who you are (9:55) * How to nourish your body and provide it with critical information according to your menstrual cycle (12:08) * Tips for modifying your intermittent fasting throughout your cycle for optimal results (20:35) * The importance of exercise training according to your cycle and creating lean muscle mass (34:11) * What to do if you are feeling burnout or seeing negative gains on the scale (41:33) Resources Mentioned: 4-Week Cyclical Eating Meal Plan Dr. Stephanie Estima Website Better! by Dr. Stephanie Podcast Estima Diet Follow Dr. Stephanie on Instagram Related Episodes: Episode 116: Is Long-Term Fasting for Women a Good Idea With Dr. Stephanie Estima Episode 93: The Menstrual Cycle is the 5th Vital Sign with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack Other Resources: Check out the full show notes page Keep up with everything Dr. Mariza Follow Dr. Mariza on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube Podcast production & marketing support by the team at Counterweight Creative
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