Episode 26: Matthew McConaughey (featuring A’ja Wilson)
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It's another double dose of star power on this week's 'Old Man and the Three'. First, JJ and Tommy welcome in Oscar winning actor Matthew McConaughey to discuss his new book "Greenlights", as well as his "Give Thanks" campaign with Wild Turkey, career highlights and lowlights, making friends with mountain lions, and much more. Then, to cap things off, WNBA superstar and reigning MVP A'ja Wilson joins the program to talk about WNBA news, current and past coaches Bill Laimbeer and Dawn Staley, her foundation for Dyslexia, and the TOP 5/Draft. 


Matthew McConaughey

  • Explains the "With Thanks" Wild Turkey campaign
  • Talks about his new book
  • Discusses a moment in rehearsals that changed his professional life
  • On understanding the process of acting and what makes a take successful
  • Retells a story about taking Peyote in Mexico and sitting with a mountain lion. 
  • Where does his curiosity in life come from
  • Is there a time where he exceeded his dreams and expectations
  • How his journal has played such an integral part in his life - through good and bad
  • JJ brings up one of MM's not so known films Reign of Fire
  • How prevalent are existential crisis' in Hollywood
  • Who has he worked with that he felt just really had it all together
  • There's no secret sauce to acting, sports, etc. It's preparation and the basics
  • On getting fully into character and having cast-mates do the same
  • Breaking down Interstellar and it's impact​

A'ja Wilson

  • ​What her offseason plan is looking like and what she is expecting for next year
  • Was the game different for her in the bubble
  • On the current conditions and how next season will be effected
  • Putting the WNBA MVP award in context within her career achievements
  • What impact did being benched in her freshman year have on her career
  • On the level of trust between her and SC Coach Dawn Staley
  • What is Bill Laimbeer like as a coach
  • Does the social justice movement help ratings in the WNBA as well as awareness​
  • The importance of having the top players lead the movement by example
  • Discusses her foundation for Dyslexia https://www.ajawilsonfoundation.org
  • TOP 5/Draft

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Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles
Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles
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Sit back, pour yourself a drink and light that cigar … because you’re about to enter Karl Malone’s world, folks. And we’re just lucky to be livin’ in it. The Mailman blesses the Knuckleheads to set some records straight, tell some funny-as-hell stories and, of course, give his hot takes on everything from “Why the hell is Patrick Ewing not the head coach of the Knicks?” to the many reasons why “we have to give Scottie Pippen more love.” As per usual, the mailman DE-LI-VERS for this show! But first, we gotta take it all the way back to Somerville, Louisiana, where it all started. We learn about how the 6'9" HOF power forward was actually the runt of his family at one point. Why he wanted to go to school close to home. His killer mentality on the court. How his game plan was always to wear his opponents down. Sometimes he’d even make up some trash talk just to start a beef and get pumped. What you say about my mama? Huh? Then it’s all things John Stockton. How Malone thinks he’s the best point guard ever. And did you know Stock worked with young Giannis for weeks after he got drafted? Shoutout J Kidd for giving Stock that call. We get some Pistons-rivalry stories. What trade made Karl Malone realize he was the face of the Jazz franchise. How on earth Karl’s seal in the paint was so powerful. The times Jerry Sloan and Malone almost got into brawls – and the many reasons why Karl respected the man so much. Why Karl says he would pay 10 thou to watch one specific Dream Team practice. That Jazz vs. Bulls Championship. How he got his nickname and his signature dunk. All the Mailman’s successes off the court since his retirement, and how he’s still waiting for some calls from NBA coaches and players looking to take advantage of what this man has to offer. Karl’s even gonna give a deal to one Zion Williamson … come work with the great one at your position for FREE. That’s right. Karl Malone’s got A LOT left to say. This is LEGIT. The Great One. Tune INNNNN. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
1 hr 50 min
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