Episode 18: Carmelo Anthony
Play • 1 hr 40 min

On this episode of the 'Old Man and the Three', JJ and Tommy sit down with sure-fire Hall of Famer and current Portland Trail Blazer Carmelo Anthony. In this incredibly in-depth interview, nothing is off-limits as Melo opens up about his career path and accomplishments, his tumultuous time in NY (as well as OKC and Houston), Phil Jackson, social justice, and much more.  Plus a TOP 5/Draft that'll have you game ready and hungry at the same time.



  • Reliving the 2002 McDonalds All American Game
  • Melo’s first impression of JJ
  • The last 3 of the 2002 McDonalds All American class
  • Discussing Melo’s time in Denver
  • Fans today only know the game from the "big 3" moving forward
  • On spending two 2 years from A.I.
  • Imagining his Denver teams in the social media age
  • The kind of personalities that those teams attracted
  • On his experience in NY 
  • When Phil Jackson took over in NY 
  • Studying and executing the triangle
  • On the media scrutiny in NY
  • How he handled losing after winning for so long
  • Melo’s "hat" stage in NY
  • The Steve Novak "get paid" story
  • On his experiences in OKC and Houston and how they differ
  • Dealing with going from a #1 option to a 2nd or 3rd option
  • What was it like being out of basketball
  • On finally ending up in Portland and what it brought to him
  • How much longer does he want to play
  • Reflecting on his own personal legacy in basketball
  • His thoughts on the Breonna Taylor case
  • On setting the stage for the younger players concerning social justice



Earlier this month as part of New York Fashion Week, Carmelo’s fashion banner STAYME7O presented the PROPEL SS21 collection, “A Black Future”, featuring collaborations from seven Black designers as a way to honor the Black creative community. The STAYME7O PROPEL Program is an ongoing initiative that champions not just emerging fashion talent but honors a vision of Black excellence and reimagines the cultural landscape and creative spaces where diversity has been underserved, starting within the fashion industry. The immersive, virtual 3-D fashion show that launched the program’s debut collection focused on the movement for Black independence, freedom of expression and how Black creativity always has, and continues to move and change the world around us. https://stayme7o.com/ 


The Social Change Fund

This summer, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul launched the Social Change Fund, which is dedicated to investing in and supporting organizations that advocate for the Black community through long-term policy solutions, community representation, and narrative change. The Fund focuses on critical issues including ending police brutality, championing criminal justice reform and inclusion, advocating for the human rights of all Black lives, empowering communities of color by expanding access to voting and civic engagement, increasing Black representation in government, and building economic equity for Black people through investment in education, employment, wages, and housing. https://www.thesocialchangefund.org/ 


The Carmelo Anthony Foundation

Carmelo Anthony founded the Carmelo Anthony Foundation over 15 years ago as a vehicle for actionable change focused on community impact through a variety of outreach programs, disaster relief initiatives, and donations. The nonprofit has since established programs to refurbish basketball courts in underserved communities, provide families in need with food and personal supplies during the holidays, and provide much-needed disaster relief in the wake of tragedies such as super storm Sandy, the Flint Water Crisis, Hurricane Maria and more. The Carmelo Anthony Foundation has always been focused on initiatives for social reform and community impact, and continues today in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and championing open discussion and actionable change around protests, police brutality and progress. http://www.thecarmeloanthonyfoundation.org/ 

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The Long Shot with Duncan Robinson and Davis Reid
The Long Shot with Duncan Robinson and Davis Reid
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Episode 7: Kendrick Nunn | “It’s just preparation”
Kendrick Nunn can flat out score. Everyone in the NBA is well aware of that now. But while his game was always there, the recognition and respect he deserved seemed to be overlooked at times. Coming from a high school career with 4 straight state titles, then a college career where he nearly led the nation in scoring, K-Nunn thought he was a sure-fire pick in the NBA draft. But then he wasn't. That's where his path took a turn to the G-League, and just like Duncan, he had to make his minutes count. The league started to take notice in the 2019 Summer League and from that point on, Nunn has been expanding his game, his minutes, and his reputation. In this humbling interview, K-Nunn talks about how hard it was to wait his turn, what it's like know that he has truly arrived, whether or not he feels like his journey was destiny, and much more.    RUNDOWN • Duncan and K-Nunn discuss their history together  • K-Nunn discusses the development of his game and how he has turned into a 3-level scorer  • Did playing in Oakland and being counted on purely as a scorer help advance his overall game • Was not getting drafted demoralizing or adding to the chip on his shoulder • Was going undrafted actually beneficial for him and why did he choose Golden State • Did he get the opportunities to show his game when he was in Warrior's preseason camp with Steph, KD, Klay, and Draymond • How did he accept the role of coming off the bench in the G-League when he knew he could start • Was it hard to be patient in the two years of balling out before truly getting his shot • Does he view the summer league of 2019 as his coming out party to the NBA • How did that summer influence his first year in the NBA • Where does his confidence and belief in himself come from • On his ability to always be ready • Discusses his legendary high school career and the 4 straight state championships • Have the practices been toned this year because of the crazy schedule • Does he suffer any imposter syndrome or does he feel it's destiny and he was meant to be in the NBA • Is there a specific moment that stands out that was pivotal to his success • UNDrafted Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
1 hr 11 min
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