Body Changes During Pregnancy: Your Breasts
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It's no secret pregnancy takes a toll on a mother's body. Most parts of your body are probably getting bigger, including your breasts. There are many changes your breasts experience as your body prepares to nourish your little one. Do all pregnant women experience the same symptoms? What triggers breast tenderness? And why do our boobs suddenly resemble Dolly Parton? We'll break down the stages and give you a better idea of what to expect during the next nine months.

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Doing It At Home
Doing It At Home
Independent Podcast Network | Sarah and Matthew Bivens
317: Talking Pregnant Fitness, Doula Work, Chiropractic and Home Birth Prep with BIRTHFIT Founder and CEO Lindsey K. Mathews
How are you connecting with your body during your pregnancy and birth prep? Today we’re joined by Lindsey K. Mathews, Founder and CEO of BIRTHFIT, prenatal and postpartum programs for mind and body, as well as seminars and education for users of the program and coaches for the organization.  Lindsey walks us through the inspiration and history of BIRTHFIT as well as sharing her own personal journey into birth work and feeding her passion for serving and celebrating women with alternative therapies. The list of roles that Lindsey has includes (and isn’t even limited to): Founder and CEO of BIRTHFIT, chiropractor, birth doula, strength and conditioning coach, yoga instructor, NLP practitioner, childbirth educator and author. So you can imagine, we had lots to talk about! From working in Hollywood and the sports industry, Lindsey eventually found herself diving into research, education and course work around recovering and healing in prenatal and postpartum as efficiently as possible as a way to serve her clients. Now for Lindsey, “birth work is my sport.” We talk about the building blocks of BIRTHFIT (fitness, nutrition, chiropractic and mindset) and how they can serve pregnant women prepare for the birth experience and the opportunity to develop a deep trust in the body.  Topics we cover in this episode: prenatal and postpartum fitness, chiropractic, doula work, healing and recovery, drug-free birth Links: Get 50% off the BIRTHFIT Education with the code DIAH50off: BIRTHFIT website: BIRTHFIT Instagram: Lindsey’s Instagram: Our website: DIAH Shop: ttps:// Instagram: Facebook Page: Facebook Group: Donate to DIAH:
1 hr 6 min
40 Weeks Pregnancy Podcast
40 Weeks Pregnancy Podcast
Vanessa Merten of the Pregnancy Podcast
Week 0 Introduction
Week 0 Introduction. An introduction to 40 Weeks and everything you can expect from the 40 Weeks podcast. Want to know exactly what is going on with your baby and your body each week? Whether you are in week 6 or week 36 of pregnancy, this podcast will give you just that in about five minutes. Learn how big your baby is, what new developments are going on, how your body is changing, how you can find relief from some of the changes going on with you like morning sickness and back pain, what to expect at doctor or midwife appointments, how to plan ahead for breastfeeding, how to plan for the birth you want, plus get a tip each week for Dads! You can check out a picture of what your baby looks this week and see resources mentioned in this episode at To get each week delivered to your inbox according to your due date sign up at The Pregnancy Podcast has so much more information on specific topics related to pregnancy and is an awesome resource in conjunction with the 40 Weeks podcast. Thank you so much for listening and please let me know how I can help you navigate all of the crazy awesomeness that is pregnancy, birth, and being a new parent! As always you can get in touch with me via email You can join us in the Pregnancy Podcast Community on Facebook to connect, support, share, and ask questions. You will be an amazing parent! I wish you the very best on your pregnancy, birth, and parenting journey! Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+
4 min
The PCOS Nutritionist Podcast
The PCOS Nutritionist Podcast
Clare Goodwin
Sleeping Problems and PCOS: Insomnia, struggling to get to sleep, struggling to stay asleep and what you can do about it
Sleep is one of those universal foundations of our health. If you’re not prioritising that, it can really negate all of the work you're putting in in other aspects of your healthy lifestyle, like nutrition, exercise and supplementation. If we don’t have good sleep, all of the pillars of our health crumble.  With lockdowns happening (we’re currently in a short one to ensure we don’t have a massive resurgence of COVID), I find that’s not only a great time to learn more about your health but for me, it’s an opportunity for me to really hone in on my sleep. No early morning gym sessions, no post-work catch ups with friends, no packed social calendar, so no excuses when it comes to focusing on sleep.  But sleep isn’t as simple as just making sure you’re in bed for 8hrs. It’s hard to function when you feel like hot trash as it is, then add COVID lockdowns and it’s a recipe for stress! In this week’s episode of The PCOS Nutritionist Podcast, we’re once again diving into sleep but in this episode we’re covering all things insomnia, premenstrual insomnia, struggling to get to sleep and struggling to stay asleep. I see these quite a lot in the women I work with in The PCOS Protocol - wanting to improve their sleep but struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep. I know how you feel, my partner Scott is out like a light seconds after his head hits the pillow but I don’t have as much luck. So if you’re over lying in bed trying your hardest to get to sleep (and not having much luck) or you find yourself awake at 2am wide awake and you’re like “omg! Why is my body doing this!? I’m going to be so tired tomorrow!” then you need to listen to this. Because there’s nothing worse than lying in bed not being able to sleep - whether its when you’re heading to bed or in the middle of the night - knowing that you’re going to feel like absolute trash in the morning but you. just. can’t. sleep. So, regardless of your PCOS root cause, this one’s for you! You might even want to listen to this while you prep your dinner in advance of your wind-down routine! *This episode is for you if:* * You find your ability to sleep changes with your cycle * You struggle with insomnia * You’re struggling to get to sleep at night * You find yourself waking up in the middle of night * You often find yourself waking up around 2/3am many nights * You want some more information on what you can do for a better night’s sleep *Some things we cover in this episode:* * The interaction between your stress hormones and your sleep hormones * Using light too late into the evening - and not just blue light either * Insulin, blood glucose and sleep * PMS, PMDD and sleep * Tracking patterns of your cycle and your sleep * Why sleeping pills and alcohol aren’t the answer to insomnia. *Resources and References:* * Podcast Episode 36: Can lack of sleep have a negative effect on my PCOS symptoms? * Podcast Episode 55: How to know if you have to break up with caffeine (in my case, again) * Podcast Episode 65: What booze is really doing to your PCOS symptoms (and how to balance this over the festive season) * Podcast Episode 68: All about Progesterone: why it may be low, why it’s important and how to improve your levels with Dr. Samina Mitha * 70: Why you’re still waking up feeling like hot trash after a good nights’ sleep * Book: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker *
53 min
Evidence Based Birth®
Evidence Based Birth®
Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN
Fetal Position During Labor with L&D Nurse, Ann Marie Gilligan
On today's podcast, we talk with L&D nurse, Ann Marie Gilligan, about perinatal positioning during labor. Ann is a labor and delivery nurse in Minnesota, who is trained in high-risk obstetrics and advanced fetal monitoring, certified through Waterbirth International and also, certified as a sexual assault nurse examiner. Ann has 30 years of labor and delivery experience, ranging from the start-up team for an independent birth center to working at a level three high-risk labor and delivery unit to working as a legal nurse consultant and prenatal yoga instructor. Ann has extensive experience caring for families who want an unmedicated birth as well as caring for people with high-risk conditions, such as pre-eclampsia, uncontrolled diabetes, postpartum hemorrhage, and sepsis. Ann has also traveled to Bolivia and Tanzania, where she taught high-risk obstetrics and maternal positioning for optimal fetal positioning. More recently, Ann became an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor in 2020 and is a Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner. We talk about maternal positioning and its effect on fetal positioning during labor. We also talk about Ann’s vast experience as an L&D nurse and her web-based resource, Gilligan's Guide, where Ann teaches physicians, nurses, and families the importance of infant positioning for birth. Learn about Ann Marie Gilligan and Gilligan’s Guide here ( Follow Ann on Instagram here ( Learn about EBB instructor, Rhonda Fellows, Learn about Oily Doula MN here ( and follow Oily Doula MN on Facebook ( and Instagram ( Learn more about Spinning Babies® here ( For more information and news about Evidence Based Birth®, visit Find us on Facebook (, Instagram (, and Pinterest ( Ready to get involved? Check out our Professional membership (including scholarship options) ( Find an EBB Instructor here (, and click here ( to learn more about the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class.
1 hr 3 min
The Kick Pregnancy Podcast
The Kick Pregnancy Podcast
Dr Patrick Moloney and Brigid Moloney
IUGR: How do you know if your baby is too small?
At your antenatal appointments, from about 20 weeks of your pregnancy you will (…should) be having some monitoring of your baby’s growth. Firstly, by the simple tape measure test, up over your tummy to the top of your uterus and then by ultrasound if needed. What we are trying to determine is if your baby is small for dates. This is known as Intrauterine Growth Restriction or IUGR. In this podcast we talk about: * What is EFW or estimated fetal weight * How EFW is measured and the measurement accuracy. * What other ways we measure your baby's health * Problems that can arise if your baby is diagnose with IUGR * What plans need to be made if your baby is measuring small for dates. * When sometimes... you just have a small baby. Why did we start this podcast? Well we think there is a barrier for women to get EXPERT pregnancy info that is practical, relatable and easy to understand. Dr Pat has helped 1000s of women have their babies and through this we know that this kind of information given to a woman at the right time can totally change her experience of pregnancy and birth. We invite you to be our part of our family over on Instagram @grow_my_baby or UP LEVEL your knowledge and support by joining our program at And a BIG thank you for listening to ‘The Kick’ and please if you haven’t already please subscribe (iTunes) or follow (Spotify) and share with a friend.
32 min
Badass Breastfeeding Podcast
Badass Breastfeeding Podcast
Dianne Cassidy & Abby Theuring
Bed-Sharing and SIDS with Tracy Cassels, PhD
Badass Breastfeeding Podcast Tracy Cassels, PhD is BACK!  This week, Abby talks with Tracy about SIDS, sleep, breastfeeding, and the science behind it all.  You don’t want to miss it!!    If you are a new listener, we would love to hear from you.  Please consider leaving us a review on itunes or sending us an email with your suggestions and comments to WE HAVE TRANSCRIPTS!!  You can also add your email to our list and have episodes sent right to your inbox!   *Things we talked about:*    If you don’t already know of her, who is Tracy Cassels, PhD?  [4:21] Difference between SIDS and suffocation  [13:20] The infant breathing process (so fascinating!) [15:55] SIDS in different sleep environments [24:03] Resources for professionals [35:10] Precocial mammals?  That’s us! [46:17] Intentionality and sleep environment [57:27] Our babies expect to be close to us [1:02:00] Where to find and follow Tracy [1:18:00]   *This Episode is sponsored by Original Sprout and Sheila Darling Coaching   Links to information we discussed or episodes you should check out!    Set up your consultation with Dianne        *Check out Dianne’s blog here~* ** *Follow our Podcast~* * *Here is how you can connect with Dianne and Abby~* * Abby Theuring * Dianne Cassidy   *Music we use~* Music: "Levels of Greatness" from "We Used to Paint Stars in the Sky (2012)" courtesy of Scott Holmes at Holmes
1 hr 23 min
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