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Phil with F30
Feb 28, 2021
041 | "World's 1st Female Pro Gamer Ever" (Bonnie at Bungie - creators of Halo video game)
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Today’s guest on the “Phil with F30” podcast is Bonnie Burton – Video Game Producer at Bungie 

Forbes List: USA

Year: 2020

Category: Games

At age 12, Bonnie Burton became the 1st Female Pro Gamer Ever! It started as a family bonding event, with Bonnie and her brothers traveling from city to city in an unknown phenomenon–playing computer and console games in live tournaments. It was the early stages of Esports that we know today.

The game industry, not always female-friendly, eventually welcomed Bonnie when she pursued one of her passions-working for Bungie. That company has the team that created the famous video game Halo, one of the all-time highest-grossing media franchises.

Today she works at Bungie on the Destiny franchise.

In our conversation, Bonnie shares her journey including:

How she started the journey to playing Halo at home, to competitive tournaments.

Her approach to working in a male-dominated industry.

Using powerful mantras to direct her focus to achieve goals.

How coaching affects her life and those she coaches.

Bonnie also shared how she pursued her goal of being hired in a very competitive industry. I hope you enjoy her story as she continues to expand her goals and inspire other gamers. 

Under 30 Seconds Round

1. What is the book you’ve gifted more often than any other book, and why?

Coaching for High Performance, Sarah Cook

Learned Optimism, Martin E.P. Seligman

2. What’s one of the best investments and one of the worst investments you’ve ever made and why?

Best - Coaching programs. I didn’t realize the impact it would have on my life.

Worst - I’d buy a better couch that isn’t cheap. You’re going to spend a lot of time on it.

3. What’s the most impactful thing you do in your Morning routine and the most impactful thing you do in your Evening routine?

AM - I wake up and immediately drink water.

PM - I use an app to remind me of what I am grateful for that day or in general.

4. Pretend you won the Peter Thiel Fellowship and you were going to get money to start a business instead of go to college, what’s the very first thing you’d do to start a new business?

I’d spend time researching more about how health is linked to “gaming” abilities. I’d set up a coaching practice for gamers so they can be their best.

5. What’s something you never knew you needed?

A digital wellness timer that’s on my phone. It limits the time I can be on social media.

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GUEST INFO: Bonnie Burton – Video Game Producer of Bungie 

CONTACT: Twitter @BonnieXburton and Instagram @BonnieXburton



HOST INFO: Phil Michaels

SOCIAL: @iamphilmichaels




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