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Jan 10, 2021
034 | “Secret Cooking Trick to Increase your Iron Intake" (Gavin at Lucky Iron Fish)
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Today’s guest on the “Phil with F30” podcast is Gavin Armstrong - Founder of Little Iron Fish

Forbes List: USA & Asia

Year: 2016

Category: Social Entrepreneurs 

In multiple cultures and religions, the fish is a symbol of luck and prosperity. But it took more than just luck to make my guest, Gavin Armstrong a Forbes 30 under 30 list winner in three continents in the same year–a first for anyone mentioned on the Forbes List!

Gavin Armstrong is the founder of Lucky Iron Fish. The “fish” is a small piece of iron that one drops into a pot of boiling water when cooking. As a result, the fish helps reduce iron deficiency, a major cause of anemia and one of the world’s biggest malnourishment problems. 

CNN said, “This little iron fish is fighting a global health problem.” Gavin’s Lucky fish is available in over 80 countries and has improved the lives of a million people around the world.

Gavin created his company while a Fulbright scholar at Auburn University. He was also awarded the prestigious Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award. 

In our fast-paced conversation Gavin shared:

How he learned firsthand about the malnourishment problem of 5-billion people no one talks about.

His path of overcoming being bullied and how it led to his business success.

Research into cultural diversity on making a lackluster piece of iron into a fish icon.

Crafting a communications message to overcome product acceptance obstacles.

How investors invest in leaders, no matter what the product.

The motivation for making the product sustainable and scalable. 

There are so many great lessons to be gained from Gavin’s story. I hope you enjoy it!

Under 30 Seconds Round

1. What is the book you’ve gifted more often than any other book, and why?

The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World, Jacqueline Novogratz. It actually teaches how a business can help the world.

2. What’s one of the best investments and one of the worst investments you’ve ever made and why?

Best - Hiring my Vice-president of Operations. I paid her even before paying myself. 

Worst - Unnecessary software purchases. 

3. What’s the most impactful thing you do in your Morning and Evening routines?

AM - Coffee check-ins with our small team. It’s important to keep up the community aspect. 

PM -There’s a point in the evening where I can’t listen to any news. Decompression and sleep are important.

4. Pretend you won the Peter Thiel Fellowship and you were going to get money to start a business instead of going to college, what’s the very first thing you’d do to start a new business?

Build an advisory team. You can’t do it alone.

5. What’s something you never knew you needed?

Friends. A work-life balance is actually going to help you in both your personal and professional life.

In the REVIEW SECTION, please let me know…

The city / country you’re tuning in from!

How Gavin Armstrong’s story has inspired you! And, your favorite part of this episode!

Tell me the questions you’d like me to ask future Forbes 30 Under 30 Members!


GUEST INFO: Gavin Armstrong - Founder - Lucky Iron Fish

CONTACT: Twitter @GavinA09 and Instagram @LuckyIronFish


HOST INFO: Phil Michaels

SOCIAL: @iamphilmichaels




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