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Sep 6, 2020
016 | "For Every Ad You Watch, She Donates 50% to Charity" (Amy at Good-Loop)
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Today’s guest on the “Phil with Forbes 30” podcast is Amy Williams – Founder of Good-Loop

Forbes List: Europe

Year: 2018

Category: Media & Marketing 

How does one go from being a volunteer at an Argentinian soup kitchen to being on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in media and marketing? Amy Williams, the founder of Good-Loop made a transformational life and career pivot when she realized that although she had great appreciation for being in the advertising industry and how it creates and shapes culture, she didn’t care for the negativity in that space. She wanted to leave the world better than she found it.


Today she converts a consumer’s attention and data into funding for good causes around the world. She works with companies such as Nestlé, Unilever, the Co-Op, Coca-Cola and H&M using her “ethical ad platform.” That platform rewards consumers who choose to engage with advertising by donating to their chosen charity, while simultaneously delivering better ROI for advertisers.


Her ethical ad campaigns support front line COVID-19 health care workers, Feeding America and the World Health Organization. And Amy is the face of the United Nations #SheInnovates global campaign.


Amy shares her lessons from her journey including:

The importance of personal values in work

Putting a timeline to goals

Working with the Co-Founders Lab

The use of storytelling in business

The importance of momentum

A leader’s need to create a democratic workplace culture


Amy is candid and vulnerable. I hope you get a kick out of how I went into the role of “coach” during our conversation. There are life lessons in there for all of us to benefit.


Feel free to contact Amy as she wants to connect with more global brands, so they too can create a positive social change and relationship with their consumers.


Also mentioned:

Co-founders lab - a great resource if you're looking for a business partner.

AngelList - a group of people that enjoy supporting startups in the entrepreneurial world.

Under 30 Seconds Round

1. What is the book you’ve gifted more often than any other book, and why?

  • Factfulness, Hans Marling. The book helped me navigate how we can improve the world because it feels so overwhelming as a concept.

2. What’s one of the best investments and one of the worst investments you’ve ever made and why?

  • Best - The entrepreneur course I did in Chile. It grounded me and gave me the confidence to start my business.
  • Worst - I keep booking classes of some stupid fitness regime. Then I don’t go. It’s a waste of money.

3. What’s the most impactful thing you do in your Morning routine and most impactful thing you do in your Evening routine?

  • AM - I don’t have a mindful morning.
  • PM - I do emails until midnight and watch Netflix shows, way too late.

4. Pretend you won the Peter Thiel Fellowship and you were going to get money to start a business instead of go to college, what’s the very first thing you’d do to start a new business?

  • I would get a Starbucks card. Then I’d offer people I want to connect with a coffee in exchange for 20-minutes of their time to bounce an idea off them. At the end of every meeting I’d ask for a referral to grow my network.

5. What’s something you never knew you needed?

  • An app called City Mapper

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How Amy Williams’s story has inspired you! And, your favorite part of this episode!

Tell me the questions you’d like me to ask future Forbes 30 Under 30 Members!


GUEST INFO: Amy Williams –Founder of Good-Loop

CONTACT: On Instagram @goodloophq and on Twitter @ala_swimmily


HOST INFO: Phil Michaels

SOCIAL: @iamphilmichaels




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