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Phil with F30
Mar 7, 2021
042 | "Kickstarter's Best Campaign Ever, from MIT Innovator" (Jason at Vue Glasses)
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Today’s guest on the “Phil with F30” podcast is Jason Gui – Co-Founder of Vue

Forbes List: Asia

Year: 2017

Category: Industry & Energy

Jason Gui, Co-Founder of Vue, had difficulties in finding a target market for the first version of his smart glasses. At one point, he cut back to a skeleton staff and had little in the bank account. He didn’t agree on taking a new direction with his co-founder, but he listened to her, anyway.

With smart pivoting and firm due dates, the second product version of his smart glasses helped him bring in over $2.2-million on Kickstarter. He sold $4-million in its first year of launch, becoming the top eyewear Kickstarter campaign of all time.

Vue smart glasses are stylish and built for everyday use. They track your activities like steps, posture, and calories, taking calls, and listening to music without the intrusive earbuds.

This MIT Innovator Under 35-Asia list winner has a long list of lessons for entrepreneurs. We discussed:

Revising a product to serve a different market than intended.

The value of listening to a co-founder who disagrees with you.

The journey in making quick pivots with due dates.

How to engage media in the early stages of product development.

The importance of asking those outside the inner circle for product and marketing opinions.

Joint ventures and new distribution channels.

Differing from Google Glass.

Jason has offered a discount on a purchase for these fantastic glasses. I hope you give them a look. Enjoy!

Under 30 Seconds Round

1. What is the book you’ve gifted more often than any other book, and why?

A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson. The book gives me a perspective of how the world works, why there are countries and governments, how things take form etc.

2. What’s one of the best investments and one of the worst investments you’ve ever made and why?

Best - Financial investments.  I watch what goes on in China and then see how things replicate in the U.S.  I especially watch the trends relating to Covid.

Worst - Stock investments where I didn’t understand the fundamentals or the industry where I was putting my money.

3. What’s the most impactful thing you do in your Morning and Evening routines?

AM - For over 10 years I’ve made it a habit to think about who I am going to help each day.  I try to help someone every day.

PM - I don’t want regrets so I ask if there is something else I want to do.  I think about living my life as if each day was the last.

4. Pretend you won the Peter Thiel Fellowship and you were going to get money to start a business instead of going to college, what’s the very first thing you’d do to start a new business?

Before expanding on an idea I would talk to people who are older and more experienced. I’d find people who have different perspectives.

5. What’s something you never knew you needed?

A co-founder who may not agree with me. I’ve also learned you can’t do everything on your own.

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GUEST INFO: Jason Gui – Co-Founder of Vue

CONTACT: Twitter @jason1081 and Instagram @jason1081nz



HOST INFO: Phil Michaels

SOCIAL: @iamphilmichaels




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