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Phil with F30
Mar 14, 2021
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Today’s guest on the “Phil with F30” podcast is Gabe Kennedy – Founder of Plant People

Forbes List: USA

Year: 2020

Category: Food & Drink

Gabe Kennedy takes an experimental approach to life. His career started after attending the Culinary Institute of America and Cornell University. A private equity firm employed him, but he left to be a contestant on Anthony Bourdain’s reality TV competition - and he won!

Being the winner led him to a variety of experiences in the food industry. But after a traumatic spinal injury from skiing, his focus was on healing his body in non-traditional methods.

That led him to start Plant People and creating a CBD-based supplements brand, plus other plant-based products. The company sells products including infused olive oil, sleep drops, and face masks. They’ve already raised capital from Unilever.

In our conversation, Gabe shares his journey, and answers the question, “How can we be a business and build an industry that stands for equity and access, social justice, climate justice, and embodies all the values and philosophies we truly feel a business should step into.” We discuss:

Holistic science-the inspiration for products.

Make a decision and move forward.

Doing a good job now is better than doing a perfect job later.

Starting on a shoestring budget.

Spend time on what you are good at. Find others with different skill sets.

The purpose of Plant People is to heal and connect people and the planet through the power of plants. Gabe has a coupon offer for you to try one of his products.

Take advantage and enjoy the show!

Under 30 Seconds Round

1. What is the book you’ve gifted more often than any other book, and why?

Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Dan Millman. It inspires the way I walk through life.

2. What’s one of the best investments and one of the worst investments you’ve ever made and why?

Best - Investing in myself.

Worst - When I buy an avocado and it’s rotten. 

3. What’s the most impactful thing you do in your Morning and Evening routines?

AM - Meditation.  Either breathing or guided.

PM - Cooking my own food. I draw the line between business and personal time before bedtime.

4. Pretend you won the Peter Thiel Fellowship and you were going to get money to start a business instead of going to college, what’s the very first thing you’d do to start a new business?

I’d find where I can contribute the most and have an intersection between passion and purpose.

5. What’s something you never knew you needed?

A King size bed and a good mattress. A full-size computer monitor.

In the REVIEW SECTION, please let me know…

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How Gabe Kennedy’s story has inspired you! And, your favorite part of this episode!

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GUEST INFO: Gabe Kennedy - Founder - Plant People

CONTACT: Twitter @gabekennedy, Instagram COMPANY: @plantpeople, PERSONAL: @gabe_kennedy


COUPON CODE DISCOUNT for audience: "forbes15"

HOST INFO: Phil Michaels

SOCIAL: @iamphilmichaels




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