Stop the Killing
Stop the Killing
Nov 29, 2021
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For this, the final episode of season one, we're heading to Aramoana, a sleepy New Zealand outpost where one man has the entire town under siege for an astonishing 22 hours.

We have been focusing on US mass based shootings so far in the season, however, we know mass shootings are not unique to the Unites States. And as long as there a bad people, there's always going to be a global aspect to mass shootings.

So this week Sarah has challenged Katherine to a case that's from her old little sleepy neck of the woods in New Zealand.

Think of this episode as an FBI ride along.

We get to see how Katherine looks at a case that she's never actually seen before, And it's fascinating the salient facts that she pulls out.

On November 13th 1990, an argument between two neighbours develops resulting in one neigbour entering his house and starting on what will be a 22hour siege of Aramoana leaving 13 dead and many injured.

Do you think New Zealand gun laws are more robus than the US and how different are the gateway checks are preventing guns being accessed by killers like this in New Zealand?

Do you know how to spot someone on the pathwat to VIOLENCE? Listen in to #bepartofthesolution


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