Stop the Killing
Stop the Killing
Nov 22, 2021
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It was just after 1am on a Sunday morning in November 2017, a 26 year old man climbed from his car in the parking lot of this tiny first Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Almost immediately, he shoots at two people standing outside the church, the shooter enters through a side door and for 15 minutes, he fires indiscriminately walking up and down the aisle.

In all, 48 people were either killed or wounded. 

This is the case where the reporting system failed and this individual was able to purchase several guns…….LEGALLY.

Whether you are for guns or against, it’s just NOT the point - the legal checks and balances in place to stop weapons falling into the hands of those deemed unfit are failing the communities they are there to protect.

If all you focus on are the guns, you're failing to see all the other things that you can do to stop the killing because there are so many other ways that we can prevent killings.

But prevention is the key. Only if we try to help find these potential shooters before they strike.


Do you know how to spot someone on the pathway to VIOLENCE? Listen in to #bepartofthesolution



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