Jan 24, 2021
Musician Kathleen Kelly on Conducting, Accompanying, and Coaching
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This week host June Thomas talks to musician, conductor, and singing coach Kathleen Kelly. In the interview, Kathleen describes her daily musical practices and explains the tricky work of accompanying singers on piano. She also describes the qualities every great conductor needs. 

After the interview, June and co-host Rumaan Alam talk about what happens when countries adequately fund the arts. 

In the exclusive Slate Plus segment, Kathleen plays one of her favorite piano pieces, and then June and Kathleen try to define “talent.” 

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Get Birding
Get Birding
Peanut & Crumb
Series 1: Episode 3 - Dr Amir Khan, Dr Jo Birch, Ian Jelley, Northern Flyway
This episode focuses on the powerful impact of birds on our mental health, particularly during lockdown.   With heartbreaking honesty, TV’s favourite GP Dr Amir Khan reveals how birds have helped him through the daily stress of working on the front line over the pandemic. Dr Amir explains the science behind nature’s effect on the chemicals in our brains; why he is starting to prescribe nature to his patients; and how birds are a quick fix for nature therapy.   Dr Amir joins a call to action for investment in urban green spaces, currently seen as a luxury, not a right, for the most socially deprived.   Mya-Rose talks to the University of Sheffield’s Dr Jo Birch about her research on the importance of accessible nature for the wellbeing of urban and BAME young people, whilst farmers in Warwickshire explain how a Wildlife Trust tree sparrow project has helped them deal with the isolation and pressures of their work.   Get Birding listeners tell emotional stories about birds helping them find solace through personal suffering over the past year.    Shetland based musicians Northern Flyway talk to nature beatboxer Jason Singh about their audio-visual work that explores the connection between people and birds, and Mya-Rose reveals her Bird To Watch over the next fortnight. Host: Dr Mya-Rose Craig Music Host: Jason Singh Guests: Dr Mya-Rose Craig, Dr Amir Khan, GP, Dr Daniel Cox, Uni of Exeter, Dr Jo Birch, Uni of Sheffield, Ian Jelley Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, Nicky Saunders, farmer in Warwckshire, Northern Flyway [Inge Thomson and Jenny Sturgeon] Producer: Tom Bonnett Executive Producers: Jane Gerber & Katie Derham Production Manager: Cara Ghoshal Production Assistant: Louis Facey   Sponsors: Severn Trent Water & Swarovski Optik Music from Awekids Collective - Dendroblum [Jason Singh] Pogington Bear [Chad Crouch] - Pink Gradient Chad Crouch - Marsh Wrens [Instrumental] Chad Crouch - Cove [Instrmental] Podington Bear - Moodswing Chad Crouch - Barefoot Chad Crouch - Negentropy Chad Crouch - Backwater Podington Bear - Jetsam Northern Flyway - Rosefinch, Gannets, Lost Lapwing, Curlew, Loch Carron Flame Field Recordings: Simon Northeast Genghis Attenborough Inchadney Juskiddink Podcast art by Make Productions Follow us:    Find out more about the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust Tree Sparrow Project:   Find out more about Northern Flyway:   Discover Jason Singh's music at:   Find out more about Severn Trent's biodiversity projects: Severn Trent Water is committed to providing a secure supply of clean water across the Midlands. Looking after water means looking after the environment too. As a result, the organisation unveiled ambitious plans to improve biodiversity across the Midlands as part of its Big Green Nature Boost campaign, including reviving 12,000 acres of land (an area bigger than the size of Gloucester), planting 1.3 million trees and restoring 2000km of rivers across the Severn Trent region by 2027.    Find out more about Swarovski Optik: Swarovski Optik, headquartered in Absam, Tyrol, is part of the Swarovski group of companies. Founded in 1949, the Austrian company specialises in the development and manufacturing of long-range optical instruments of the highest precision in the premium segment of the market. The binoculars, spotting scopes and optronic instruments are products of choice for demanding users. The company’s success is based on its innovative strength, the quality and intrinsic value of its products, and their functional and esthetic design. The appreciation of nature is an essential part of its company philosophy and is reflected commendably in its environment-friendly production and its long-term commitment to selected nature conservation projects. In January, Swarovski Optik announced Dr Mya-Rose Craig as a partner opinion leader for 2021; she will aim to inspire people from all backgrounds to learn more about the benefits of enjoying nature activities. See for privacy and opt-out information.
57 min
Aria Code
Aria Code
WQXR & The Metropolitan Opera
Rossini's La Cenerentola: Opera's Cinderella Story
Gioachino Rossini’s operatic version of the Cinderella story may not have any enchanted mice or pumpkins, but there’s plenty of magic in the music. Cinderella (or La Cenerentola, in Italian) has silently suffered the abuse of her stepfather and stepsisters, but in true fairy tale fashion, her fate changes for the better and all is made right by the triumph of goodness over evil. In the opera’s joyous finale “Nacqui all’affanno… Non più mesta,” Cenerentola looks ahead to a future with no more sadness. In this episode, Rhiannon Giddens and guests explore this universal tale and how it still resonates today. Mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato sings the aria onstage at the Metropolitan Opera. The Guests Mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato loves the strength and sincerity of this great Rossini heroine. She has performed the title role in La Cenerentola at leading opera houses around the world and believes in its absolute celebration of human goodness. Writer Fred Plotkin loves opera – all of it! – and he shares this love in his book Opera 101: A Guide to Learning and Loving Opera. He has a special connection to Rossini’s music, which he feels is all about the heartbeat. Maria Tatar is a research professor at Harvard University in the fields of folkore and mythology. She vividly remembers when her sister used to read fairy tales to her as a child, and believes that we have the right and responsibility to keep retelling these stories in a way that’s meaningful to us today. Mezzo-soprano Alma Salcedo’s mother tells her she’s been singing since she was nine months old. Her personal Cinderella story began in Venezuela and has brought her to Spain, where she has fought to keep her dreams of being a singer alive.
41 min
How To F#€k Up An Airport
How To F#€k Up An Airport
Radio Spaetkauf
Rent Freeze #3: Don't Spend It
This month residents of Berlin should experience the biggest collective rent reduction in history. About 340,000 residents - one in six - may be eligible for a rent cut under the Mietendeckel, Berlin’s radical new housing policy. But landlords are doing their best to stop it. On November 23 landlords must reduce rents to regulation levels or face fines of €500,000. Tenants can check if they're paying too much at this website: And they can cheating landlords to the city government here: Anyone who gets a rent reduction should save the money, as they might have to pay it back. The Mietendeckel is being challenged in Germany's constitutional court, with a ruling expected in mid-2021. Jöran Mandik explains the court process - and the judges' red robes. Furnished flats are not exempt from the Mietendeckel. But some companies are offering a buy-and-lease-back service model to help landlords get around the law. Tenants are told they have no choice but to rent both the flat and the furniture together. Other tricks include renting expensive basements, parking spaces and coworking desks inside their flat. Double contracts have become standard: residents are offered two prices - a lower one that matches the rent freeze legislation, and a higher one they'll have ot pay if the law is later ruled unconstitutional. Such double contracts are most likely legal and enforceable, says rental expert Daniel Halmer from (formerly Wenigermiete). But they could still be challenged using the Mietpriesbremse law, an older regulation which limits rent prices under some conditions. What's the effect of the rent freeze so far? If you already have an apartment, the rent freeze appears to be working as expected. If you’re looking for an apartment, things are tougher due to landlords restricting supply. A study by the ZIA found average rental prices have sunk by 5.7% in the first half of 2020. But availability has also fallen by about 50%, as property owners withhold empty flats from the market. For new flats built after 2014 - which are exempt from the Mietendeckel - prices are up 7.5%, and availability has increased by 18%, according to real estate portal ImmobilienScout24. Swedish property management company Heimstaden Bostat isn't deterred by the rent freeze. The company is trying to purchase about 130 buildings with almost 4000 apartments at a cost of €830 million. Heimstaden told us they had factored the rental regulations into their financial planning. Researcher Christoph Trautwetter recently produced a report called 'Who Owns Berlin' for the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. He debunks the myth that warned the Mietendeckel would scare investors away. "There is an excess of capital looking to invest under any condition, and ready to accept the Mietendeckel as a condition to invest in Berlin," Trautwetter said. You can read his report here: Next up on this series - who is to blame for Berlin's lack of new properties? We'll also hear from small-time landlords who face financial ruin under the rent freeze. Rent Freeze is produced and presented by Joel Dullroy, Maisie Hitchcock, Jöran Mandik and Daniel Stern. Music by Tom Evans. Artwork by Jim Avignon. Produced in partnership with RadioEins, Berlin's public broadcaster. Support us with a donation!
41 min
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