Side Hustle School
Side Hustle School
Oct 28, 2020
#1397 - Q&A: 2020 has been overwhelming. What’s the outlook for next year?
7 min

Today’s caller has noticed something: 2020 has been ridiculous! He’s wondering what comes next and how we can find opportunities in the uncertainty.

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Millennial Money
Millennial Money
Shannah Compton Game
How to Use Investing Trends to Build Wealth | Paulina Likos
Experts say that millennial wealth is underdeveloped or has yet to reach its full potential. That makes sense. There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to your money and trying to figure out how and where to invest can be tricky. Does being in cash make sense, should you use apps to invest, and how do you figure out your sweet spot when it comes to investing? Paulina Likos is an investing reporter at U.S. News & World Report, is here on the pod to talk about how you can use investing trends to build your wealth. Meet Paulina Paulina is an investing reporter at U.S. News & World Report, covering investing and asset management. Before beginning her career as an investing reporter, Paulina graduated from Villanova University where she studied political science, communication, and business management. Out of college, Paulina spent several years as a risk manager at Fannie Mae, predicting and reducing credit risk for the company. As an investing reporter with U.S. News & World Report, she has been examining investing trends and how millennials have been responding to them. You are in a stage of their life where building wealth is paramount and Paulina is sharing in this episode how this can be done no matter what your age is through the principles of investing. What You'll Learn * Key investing trends in 2020 and what they mean to you * Why cash isn't a great investment * How to use mobile apps for investing * How do you find your sweet spot with investing * Ways to safeguard your investing Links * Paulina Likos * U.S. News & World Report Episode Sponsors Thanks to Firstleaf for sponsoring this episode. Join today and you’ll get 6 bottles of wine for $29.95 and free shipping! Just go to TRY Thanks to Splitit for sponsoring this episode. Split your payments and live big. Go to today. SUBSCRIBE & SHARE Want to be the first to know when new episodes are released? Click here to subscribe in iTunes! IT’S FREE! 👉 Sign up for my weekly LET’S TALK MONEY email newsletter. Ask Shannah Have an Ask Shannah question, submit it here Get Social * Shannah on Twitter * Shannah on Instagram
36 min
The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk
The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk
Ryan Hawk
394: Todd Henry - The Hidden Forces That Drive Your Best Work (The Motivation Code)
Text LEARNERS to 44222 for more details about The Learning Leader Circle Full notes at Twitter: @RyanHawk12 #394: Todd Henry - The Hidden Forces That Drive Your Best Work Show notes: * What is the most valuable land in the world? * "The graveyard... All of the stuff we carry with us for our life and never put out into the world... All of that valued is buried in the ground." * The two words that Todd wrote down after coming to this realization? "Die Empty." * “The rough edges they decry you for now… Are the very rough edges they will celebrate you for later.” * What drives us to unleash our best work? * Drawing on interviews with over 100,000 working professionals, the answer is no one size fits all. Todd Henry shows, in fact, that there are six unique "motivational archetypes"... * They are: * The Visionary strives to make her mark on the world by building an ideal future, even when others may not see as far ahead. * The Achiever relishes a finished product and must conquer whatever obstacle comes his way, no matter how difficult or time-consuming. * The Team Player values being part of a group and will go to great lengths to achieve unity and enhance collaboration. * The Learner is obsessed with mastering new skills and showing off what she knows--which is often a lot. * The Optimizer thrives when systems are running smoothly and finds great satisfaction when things are done the "right way." * The Key Contributor shines at the center of the action, especially when others can recognize the value of his work. * Todd's work teaches us to decode our motivational type so we can structure projects, have conversations, make decisions, and even choose career paths to amp up engagement and achieve fulfillment. Once we know how to activate our inner drivers, we can transform the work we do into the work we love. * Why should you write? * "If you can learn to write, you'll be invited into rooms." * "Turn the ineffable into something." * Read, comprehend, synthesize, write... * "People won't follow you because of your position or title. You have to persuade them. You have to cut through the noise, hone your skills. It's a craft you must work on." * Have empathy, uniqueness, precisions. Have empathy for the end user. * Have an intended audience: one person in mind. Ramp up your empathy for the end user... * "We wait for tasks to motivate us and that's exactly backwards. We need to bring our motivation to what we do. We have to train ourselves to bring our motivation to our work instead of waiting for our tasks to motivate us." * Because of the motivation code, "I have a language now that I never had a language for previously" * A new framework for understanding people. It's created "aha" moments * "Self-awareness is the first step to maturity." * "It helps use discern areas where we're insecure." * What was Todd thinking five minutes prior to going on stage at the Global Leadership Summit? 10,000 in the audience and hundreds of thousands watching worldwide... * "I reminded myself how grateful I was to be there..." It was calming.
59 min
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