#1433 - TBT: Family Affirmation Cards Go Global
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In this week’s “Throwback Thursday / Where are they now?” segment, we hear from the co-founder of a Canadian business that helps kids and families with self-worth.

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The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk
The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk
Ryan Hawk
401: David Rubenstein - Launching a Business, Living With Purpose, & Loving Your Life
Text LEARNERS to 44222 for more... For full show notes go to www.LearningLeader.com Twitter/IG: @RyanHawk12 David M. Rubenstein is a Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman of The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest and most successful private investment firms. Mr. Rubenstein co-founded the firm in 1987. Since then, Carlyle has grown into a firm managing $217 billion from 32 offices around the world. Notes: * David is most interested in continuing to learn... He reads six newspapers per day and 100 books per year. * Your commencement is the beginning, not the end. "Keep your brain active, it's a muscle. It will atrophy without use." * David would give all of his money away to be one year younger... * Keys to happiness: * Thomas Jefferson said we all have the right to be in pursuit of happiness * "It's the most elusive thing in life." * Happiness is all about building meaningful relationships * The 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis -- "JFK showed tremendous leadership to avert disaster. He strategically ignored Khrushchev's second letter and responded to the first one when making a deal to avoid nuclear war. David was in 9th grade at the time and that moment of leadership impacted him in a big way. * He worked in the White House for Jimmy Carter. "When I worked in the White House, everyone thought I was the smartest person in the world. When we lost and I didn't have a job anymore, nobody called, and nobody offered me a job." * Why leave his job as part of a big law firm? * "If you don't love what you do you can't be great at it." * Launching The Carlyle Group: * Raised $5m * Hired incredibly competent people * New idea: "I wanted to create a private equity one stop shop." * How did he hire well? * "I went after the best people I knew and sold them on why they should join me." What was said? * Convince them they will have responsibility * They will learn a lot * They will make more money * It will be enjoyable * What does David ask in interviews with candidates to hire? * "I want to learn mostly about what motivates them." * Must have qualities to work at The Carlyle Group: * Intelligent * Hard working * Get along well with others * Share credit * Effective communicator (both written and the spoken word) * Help others * Honest/High Integrity * Why start The Carlyle Group? * "I wanted to prove that my idea could work." * What created the success of the company? * "It was the luck of meeting great people... Like Bill Conway." * "Prior preparation prevents poor performance." * What are the keys to being a great interviewer? * Good listener * Enjoy it * Sublimate your ego - It's about the guest, not the interviewer proving how smart they are * Why does David like to interview so many people? * "My mother said it's because I'm a 'yenta.' I want to know everything." * Why own so many of our countries historical documents? (Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence) * "I want to remind people of our history." * He's one of the first 40 members of the giving pledge and plans to give ALL of his money away to charity. * Advice to a young college graduate: * Experiment, find things you enjoy * Share credit * Read a lot... Learn to speak in public * Become a skilled writer * Retain humility * What do most people say on their deathbed? They don't say, 'I wish I'd made more money.' What they say is, 'I wish I'd spent more time with my family and done more for society or my community.' * "Anybody who gives away money is mostly looking at things where they think they can make a difference. I'm trying to help people who helped me, educational institutions that helped me with scholarships, or organizations that were very useful to me in growing up."
54 min
Millennial Money
Millennial Money
Shannah Compton Game
Yes, You Can Invest Sustainably & Build Wealth | Sarah Bengtsson
Do you feel it? The tide is changing and that’s a good thing. You want more – you want to invest in companies focused on sustainability, doing good for the planet, companies that you believe in. Sustainable investing is the wave of the future and investing expert Sarah Bengtsson will show you how you can invest sustainably and build wealth at the same time. Meet Sarah Sarah is an investor and educator who teaches people how to build generational wealth that is sustainable both for themselves, and the planet. Investing has never been more accessible than it is today, and even though the definition of sustainability is highly debatable, it gets easier when you start with asking yourself, “What do I actually care about?”. Sarah has an MSc in Economics from Lund University and several years of experience working in the wealth management industry in both Sweden and Switzerland. What You'll Learn * What does it mean to invest sustainably * How to get started investing sustainably * Trends that are emerging in sustainable investing * What is an ESG rating and how do you find them * Money lessons to build sustainable wealth * Links * Where Money Meets Soul online * Sarah on Instagram * Free Masterclass Episode Sponsors Make it the year you finally cross life insurance off your list, and get protection for your loved ones. Go to Policygenius.com and get started. You could save 50% or more by comparing quotes and start the new year with one less thing to worry about. Literati Kids is a subscription book club for kids ages 0 - 12 that sends 5 beautiful children’s books to your door each hand-picked by experts. Go to http://www.literati.com/mymoney for TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT OFF your FIRST TWO ORDERS and pick your kid's book club gift today. SUBSCRIBE & SHARE Want to be the first to know when new episodes are released? Click here to subscribe in iTunes! IT’S FREE! 👉 Sign up for my weekly LET’S TALK MONEY email newsletter. Ask Shannah Have an Ask Shannah question, submit it here Get Social * Shannah on Twitter * Shannah on Instagram
33 min
The Hustle And Flowchart Podcast
The Hustle And Flowchart Podcast
Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier
Pat Flynn - Strategies To Turn Followers Into Superfans
We always love chatting with Pat Flynn, and in this episode, we discuss how to build super fans in your business, how to grow an audience ethically, how to promote affiliate offers to your audience and make good money through affiliate marketing in a very ethical way that makes customers actually thank you for doing it. Pat also discusses how he has been able to build a successful building with a great, appreciative audience without the need to run a ton of ads and self-admittedly not having the best SEO on his website as well. We also talk to Pat about how he got involved in some of the deals he has equity in. He’s not just an affiliate for products such as ConvertKit, Lead Pages, Teachable and Samcart, he’s also an advisor and gets some sort of revenue share. So we dive into how he has been able to leverage his podcast to then get involved in these equity and advisory deals. When you have listened, be sure to check out our previous chat with Pat and our conversation with Lisa Cherney for more insight on how to give insane value while being real to your audience. “With affiliate marketing, it’s the easiest way of starting to generate an income because these products already exist, people out there are already buying them, you just have to be the person that people trust to make that recommendation to them.” - Pat Flynn Some Topics We Discussed Include: * “Fannels” and how to ramp yours up (and no, we are not talking about soft pajamas!) * The amazing result you can get in under three years which will set you up for success * How Pat pivoted during the last time we had an economic downturn which changed his life forever * How to get great fan engagement and healthier all at once! * Tactics for when you are first starting out with affiliate marketing * How to stay passionate about the same topic for years * Common mistakes Pat sees on websites and how to differentiate yourself from the pack * What ‘What’s Up’ tactic that will make you really stand out * The pyramid of a fandom and why you should turn that funnel upside down Resources From Pat Flynn: * 123AffiliateMarketing.com * Smart Passive Income * PatFlynn.com References and Links Mentioned: * Superfans: The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, And Build a Successful Business * Are you ready to be EPIC with us?! Then grab our EGP Letter here! * Did you know we have an awesome YouTube Channel? * Join the Facebook Community - be sure to hop in our Facebook group to chat with us, our other amazing guests that we’ve had on the show, and fellow entrepreneurs! * This episode is sponsored by Easy Webinar - be sure to check out these special deals for our listeners. * Affiliate Marketing Through Insane Value - Pat Flynn * Why Being Yourself Is The Best Business Strategy - Lisa Cherney
1 hr 17 min
The ONE Thing with Geoff Woods
The ONE Thing with Geoff Woods
How Core Values Drive Your Purpose
In a world full of choices, deciding what matters most can be tricky. We know extraordinary success is about leaning into our priorities and avoiding distractions—but how do we know when to say yes and when to say no? Many people are searching for purpose. They want clarity on That ONE Thing so that they can make better decisions and have a direction for their life. But the truth is that clarifying your purpose is not always easy. Tapping into Your ONE Thing is a journey, not a lightning bolt. To help you navigate that journey, Jay Papasan talks about a new tool we’re developing here at The ONE Thing: The Core Values Deck. Jay has been a driver behind making this project a reality, and he shares how identifying your values can be a compass for your life and a tool to point you in the direction of your purpose. It’s incredible how much clarity three little words can bring, which is what makes this such a powerful exercise and tool. If you want to learn more about our Core Values Deck, visit the1thing.com/corevalues. In this episode, you will learn... * [01:26] How Jay chose his own core values * [07:16] How your purpose aligns your decision-making * [13:53] How Jay came up with the idea for the Core Values Deck * [26:11] The danger of gut reacting * [29:30] Sharing the journey with others Links & Tools From This Episode * the1thing.com/corevalues -- Do you run a small business? Small business owners wear a lot of hats. Some of those hats feel incredible to wear. However, filing taxes and running payroll... well, for most of us, they don’t feel great and they’re not our ONE thing. That’s where Gusto comes in to help you make payroll, taxes, and HR easy. So ask yourself, it time to take off some of your hats? You can get three FREE months when you run your first payroll at Gusto.com/ONE. -- Do you run a small business? Most of us don’t have the choice to pick the internet service provider we would like, and they even log your internet activity to sell to other companies and advertisers. To protect your data, you need a service like Express VPN. They encrypt all of your network data and tunnel it through a secure server so that your ISP can’t see your activity. Stop handing over your personal data to ISPs and other tech giants, and visit expressvpn.com/one to get 3 months free..
44 min
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