Side Effects of Community
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This week, we come together to identify what makes community and why it’s so important to preserve it.

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Balanced Black Girl
Balanced Black Girl
Balanced Black Girl
80 | Healthy Coping Mechanisms for 2020 and Beyond with Tiffany Wright
Today, we’re talking to Tiffany Wright, a mental health professional, author, speaker, and wellness consultant based in Inglewood, CA. She obtained a BA in Sociology and BA in Psychology from the University of California Davis and her Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University in New York City. Tiffany is known for her clinical work that focuses on trauma, grief, esteem, relationships and eating disorders. Her areas of expertise are creating culturally relevant healing spaces, trauma-informed care and leadership, tools for self-care, historic and intergenerational trauma, and grief & loss. Over the years, Tiffany has facilitated healing, educational and professional workshops, seminars, training, and events for universities, high schools, social service agencies, and community members in the US and abroad around the topics of empowerment, wellness, trauma, and mental health. Currently, Tiffany is enhancing the lives of millennials and future generations by providing tools and resources that develop a deep practice of self-love and understanding of mental health. In this episode, we talk about… * Navigating your personal transformation. * Finding positive ways to cope with life stressors. * How to find the answers we’re looking for within ourselves. * The importance of supporting our strong friends and helpers. Resources: * Get on the waitlist for the Balanced Black Girl membership community * Check out Tiffany’s books The 5 Commandments of Self-Love, and Be Love: Daily Intentions Guiding You to Self-Love * Visit Tiffany’s platform The Be Life * Follow Tiffany on Instagram @tiffinspires * Listen to Tiffany’s podcast The Shift Is Real Discount Codes: * Organifi | Use the code BBG for 15% off Organifi supplements * Peak and Valley | Use the discount code balancedblackgirl for $5 off your order of adaptogen blends If you like this episode, please leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts. Keep in touch with Les on Instagram @balancedles, follow the show @balancedblackgirlpodcast. PS: If you really want to take your year to the next level, snag our free glow-up guide. This free guide has everything you need to implement a self-care practice that works. You’ll get daily journal worksheets, inspiring quotes, affirmations, and a bonus workout. Get the guide HERE.
1 hr 8 min
The Friend Zone
The Friend Zone
Loud Speakers Network
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
This week on #TheFriendZone, it’s another shoot the shit episode. Seasonal blues, Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Grammy snubs and more randomness. Shop our Merch (available Friday, November 27th at midnight EST) Thank you to our Sponsors: Sanvello - What a year 2020 has been. If the holiday season is feeling less like the cherry on top, and more like the straw that broke the camel’s back, Sanvello can help. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, depression, or just general “make this year stop,” Sanvello has the tools to help you feel better. Get tele-therapy, coaching, self-care, peer support, step-by-step guided journeys, and more, all in one app. Plus, your Sanvello journey is customizable to you. Sanvello checks in with how you’re feeling so you can track your emotions and progress over time, and learn what works for you and what doesn’t. You can think of Sanvello as a place to feel better, anywhere, anytime. Plus, it’s covered by insurance for over 40 million Americans and growing. Get free premium access to all self-care content and a trained mental health coach for 2 weeks by visiting Tushy - Ditch paper products and uncomfortable chafing when you switch to the soothing, cleansing stream of water from a Hello Tushy bidet attachment. AND every Hello Tushy bidet attachment comes with a SIXTY DAY RISK-FREE GUARANTEE and a TWELVE-MONTH WARRANTY. Join MILLIONS of happy HELLO TUSHY customers RIGHT NOW and have a clean butt with every flush. Go to to get TEN PERCENT OFF. 
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1 hr 48 min
H.E.R Space: Uplifting Conversations for the Black Woman
H.E.R Space: Uplifting Conversations for the Black Woman
Terri Lomax & Dr. Dominique Broussard
S8E9: Getting the Relationship You Deserve with Alison Wellington
Romantic relationships can be complicated. Or maybe not. Are you a single woman hoping to find the love of your life or currently dating and not sure if they are the one? Perhaps, you are involved with someone and the relationship is lacking compatibility. Well, today’s guest will provide you the insight you may be seeking. Relationship coach, Alison Wellington joins Dr. Dom and Terri to discuss healthy romantic relationships. From identifying non-negotiables to lessons learned from previous relationships to being honest about who you are and what you bring to the table. Have your pen and paper ready to take notes. Also, share this with a girlfriend you know could benefit from hearing all these gems. Quote of the Day: "Stop shrinking yourself to fit within places you have outgrown!" -Alison Wellington Tips for Moving On: * Accept that the relationship is over * Not allowing them back in * Get rid of their things * Get off of their social media * Take care of yourself Where to find Alison: _Move on Sis!_ _Align with Alison_ _IG_ _Facebook_ _YouTube_ _TalkBack Tuesday with Dr. Dom_ _Wisdom Wednesdays with Terri_ _H.E.R Space Sanctuary_ Resources: _Melanin and Mental Health_ _Therapy for Black Girls _ _Psychology Today_ _Therapy for QPOC_ Where to find us: Twitter: _@HERspacepodcast_ Instagram: _@herspacepodcast_ Facebook: _@herspacepodcast_ Website: _herspacepodcast.com_ Email: _herspacepodcast@gmail.com_ H.E.R Space Sanctuary: _
42 min
A Little Juju Podcast
A Little Juju Podcast
Ep. 58 Surrender to the Orisa (w/ @BrujaBanton)
Hoodoo Hussy Conjure Enterprises provides spiritual care using plant medicine and African American traditional religious practices. Owner and CEO, Hoodoo Hussy, makes all of her offerings herself, and many of them using plants from her urban garden. She sells an array of spiritual products such as condition oils, cleansing water, incense, spiritual bath, and floor wash. To learn more, please visit her website at Use code 'FREESHIPALJ' for free shipping on your order over $50. That’s IG:@hoodoohussy Podcast Intro Beat:  IG: @Nihlis Audio Engineer: Kobe Guilford @Kobewtheshot In this episode of A Little Juju Podcast Juju interviews Iya Osudara @brujabanton aka the spiritual bath lady! Iya really breaks down all the initiation, Isese, and spirituality questions you’ve been wondering about (especially the ones that come up on Spiritual twitter). We talk transitioning from Christianity to Orisha tradition as a first generation Jamaican, the power of surrendering to the journey to get your blessings, and why she doesn’t like love readings! Connect with Iya Osundara IG: @_brujabanton Twitter: @brujabanton Website: Sign up for Hoodoo 101 with Juju Donations Make a Monthly donation of $3 or more to A Little Juju Podcast Paypal: Cash app: $itsjujubae Venmo: itsjujubae Hit me up on my site for bookings, media, and site contact! Social media FB: jujubae twitter/ig: itsjujubae Ig:alittlejujupodcast Youtube :
1 hr 28 min
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