Mark Levin Podcast
Mark Levin Podcast
Nov 23, 2020
Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/23/20
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On Monday's Mark Levin Show, this is the time where it's most dangerous to have an irresponsible media. All would be wise to tune out the disinformation from the Russia-hoax-media. In 2000, there was a rogue supreme court in Florida just as there is one now in Pennsylvania. One nuance, between the two, is that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court changed the State's voting laws right before the election. Then, the right to vote is protected in more than the initial allocation of the franchise. Equal protection applies as well to the manner of its exercise. Having once granted the right to vote on equal terms, the State may not, by later arbitrary and disparate treatment, value one person's vote over that of another. There must be at least some assurance that the rudimentary requirements of equal treatment and fundamental fairness are satisfied. What's more, the Governor of Pennsylvania and their supreme court made changes: 1. extending the receiving and counting of ballots beyond 8:00 PM on Election Day. 2, they eliminated the requirement for matching signatures. 3, they stopped requiring postal marks on the mailed-in ballots. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court violated Article II, Section II, Clause II of the federal Constitution acting as if they were the State's legislature. Later, just because the media doesn't agree with the presentation of Sidney Powell's case doesn't mean they have to destroy her or that RINO Republicans have to pile on. It may be difficult to win fairly because of judicial bias, but the case for fair elections must be made irrespective of the electoral outcome to ensure free and fair elections moving forward. Afterward, Fox News Host, Pete Hegseth, joins the program to discuss his new book "Modern Warriors: Real Stories from Real Heroes."

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The Rush Limbaugh Show
The Rush Limbaugh Show
Premiere Networks
The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Jan 15 2021
PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Rush's 70th birthday. AOC wants a commission to censor conservative media. Republicans turn on their most successful president since Reagan. Swalwell compares Trump to Osama bin Laden. Dems impeach Trump for inciting riot with speech, even though CNN reports the riot was pre-planned and started 20 minutes before Trump's speech ended. Former Democrat Harold Ford on Fox with a picture of Mao over his mantle. Pelosi brags about one-week impeachment, but she's not sending it right to the Senate. CNN accidentally proves Democrat impeachment was based on a lie. Robby Mook: Dems want to get impeachment out of the way to focus on COVID relief. Cuomo, Lightfoot suddenly want to open up. Democrats shut down the economy to destroy Trump. It was unnecessary. Biden promised $2,000 checks, proposes only $1,400. UK talking about wearing masks permanently. Dershowitz says the Senate cannot impeach a president who has already left office. What will Trump do next? Will he start media company? FBI says they warned of violence at Capitol before Trump's speech. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Peter Navarro: Democrat impeachment is wrong, Trump won the election, Trump will win 2024, tech companies "pincer" move on Parler violates anti-trust laws. Rasputin Jack says Trump was just the beginning of the purge of conservatives from Twitter. Rush said back in March that lockdowns weren't sustainable. Cuomo and Lightfoot suddenly want to end lockdowns, open economy. Caller who was at Trump march says left wingers organized the breach of the Capitol. Harvard students demand the school revoke the degrees of Trump administration officials like Kayleigh McEnany. Little Brian Stelter of CNN says it's up to Rush to "delete the feelings" of his listeners. Poll: GOP voters still choose Trump. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Axios poll shows GOP voters still would choose Trump in 2024 over a "traditional Republican". Nobody can separate Trump from his voters. Nobody can break the bond between Trump and his voters. Trump delivered on the agenda he promised his base. BLM/Antifa, left-wing operative arrested for Capitol riots. Admitted on tape that he poses as a Trump supporter or a reporter. CNN interviewed him as reporter/witness on night of January 6th. Trump did not betray his base. GOP Rep. Brian Mast, who lost both legs defending freedom in Afghanistan, smeared by CNN's Jake Tapper. Brit Hume: Establishment GOP thinks Trump is a "curse" on the party. Matt Gaetz: Pelosi started it all when she ripped Trump's State of the Union address at the State of the Union. Would Rush go back on Fox News Sunday? Learn more about your ad-choices at
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